Republicans and Shadow Diplomacy

The carnage is not complete, but the end is written and unavoidable. The long, slow death spiral of the Democrats’ statist agenda has begun, and the crash to earth will play out over the next year in sickeningly slow motion.

It is done. Bank it like a fracking gold brick, because it *is* gold.

We can’t formally and officially take charge until we make our net 80 gain in the House and they’re sworn in the first working day of January, 2011. Yes I said net +80. Remember where you heard that, kids. Anyway, we might as well get our transition team in place, because there is a heck of a lot of damage to undo, as quickly as we can.

This morning I wish only to cover the “foreign policy” portion of our transition team.

Great Britain:

That bust of Winston Churchill? Guys, we’d like to request you bring that back over. I mean, it’s yours to give or not give again, but we’d sure like it. It was a tremendous honor he first time. Bring it now if you want to, we’ll just house it at the RedState HQ until Jan 20, 2013, about 2pm.

We’ve got a gift for you as well — and it won’t be a bunch of non-playing DVDs from the White House gift shop either. What is it? Well hey, it’s gonna be a surprise, but I think you’ll like it. And FWIW, we were well and truly touched by the gift you gave, the pens carved from the Resolute Desk. Too bad it was pearls before swine.

GB and the USA have been inseparable allies, thicker than thieves, for close to a century, and I hope we can pick up right where we left off. Hope so, because nobody but Israel has been as loyal and steadfast a friend as you.


Bebe Netanyahu and Israel, we’ll back you ever step. Just hang on while all of us endure the death throes of the statist experiment. As it turns out, I believe today a couple of CongressCritters are in Tel Aviv to deliver that exact message.

Other allies

South Korea, Taiwan, Iraq, Ukraine, India, Turkey, Lebanon, sundry former Soviet satellites, and a few others. Just hold out till 2013. Your enemies are our enemies, and by the way we are keeping score. That means you, Russia, China, Norks, Iran, And you better know, we will not be gentle.

terrorist states and other enemies to whom Obama has apologized





We apologize for nothing. Period. Go grab yourself a nice breakfast bowl of bite me, with a chaser of orange-flavored Predator drone. We’re gonna board ships outbound from North Korea, and ships inbound to the Palestinians. And let us find just one little speedboat full of Somali Pirates near any shipping lanes anywhere at all. I dare you….

So, you got a problem with that? Feel free to file a complaint with the UN.

Speaking of….

United Nations

We’ll make you a deal. *We* get out of *you*, and *you* get out of *New York*. When was the last time you were not utterly useless?

To sum

Exceptionalist America is coming back. That’s good news to most of the world.