Judgement Day Approaches - Picking Contest Winners

Well, Holy Cow. Our unofficial BambiCare ‘I’ll never get that hour back’ contest was exciting. To remind us, the contest was to fill in the blank of…

I would rather spend that hour _________________ than watching BambiCare flop around like a salmon in a grizzly’s mouth.

….with something you’d hate to do, but would rather do than watch the BambiCare presser Wednesday night — with some minor restraints on vulgarity and sexual humor that were for the most part adhered to [yes, Vladimir, I’m looking at you].

The contest winner, judged solely by yours truly, is to receive a free t-shirt of his/her choice when I get my little webstore venture production-ready Aug 15 (it’s EPUGear.com, running but not fully operational – bookmark it, but don’t order anything there)

This was hard to judge

By my count there were 88 people who offered up 155 entries. We collectively have a wealth of bizzare, creative talent that probably goes to waste here at RedState – but would drastically upgrade the wit of Saturday Night Live, methinks. I left it to you, but most of the entries went one (or more) of a few directions:

  • gross
  • physically painful or injurious
  • offensive to one’s conservative principles
  • personally revolting
  • dangerous
  • interacting with disgusting and/or leftist people
  • tedious in the extreme
  • futile

Some even chose a daisy chain of tortures to offend multiple senses simultaneously. All were worth a smile or an outright laugh. Some triggered the “who the heck THINKS of something like that” reflex. I hope you all laughed like I did. I think we can agree, the whole experience beat the dog out of watching Bambi extol the mythical virtues of BambiCare.

Bribes were made, I got a few blackmail threats, and I think I have at least one date in Atlanta out of this… But this is just a rascal to judge, and I came to the conclusion there would have to be multiple prizes. I’ve decided to offer 8 winners.

Narrowed down to 39

That’s the current news. I’ve already been throwing out entries I really, really like at this point, and even with the relative comfort of knowing I’ll have 8 finalists, it’s still difficult. But meanwhile, it’s Friday at 1am, and I’ve decided I can’t get this done without more time. So…… I’ll update when I know something.