New York Democrats : Thieves reacting poorly to being robbed

Locked the Senate doors?

Well now. Funny how your perspective changes when it’s your ox that got gored. At least when you are a Democrat, because anybody that says Republicans show no class when being stolen from is a filthy, despicable liar. Don’t like it? Eat it, pal. Democrats routinely lie, cheat, steal and blackmail in order to secure power to themselves. Republicans mostly do none of that, at least to get and keep power.

But we do occasionally benefit from left-on-left crime. Take Monday, for instance.

The New York Senate, as of Monday, has changed hands from Democrat to Republican, after two Democrat Senators, Hiram Monserrate and Pedro Espada suddenly decided to caucus with the Republicans [it does not appear that the 2 actually changed their party affiliation], giving Republicans a 32-30 majority in a stunning coup, apparently triggered by the Democrats’ insistence on pushing through legislation to legalize gay “marriage”.

To put it mildly, things went kind of crazy.

The immediate, reflexive response of Democrats in New York was not surprising (quotes from the above link in italics):

  • Democrats attempted to stall the vote by asking to adjourn the session.
  • After the results of the vote were read aloud, the in-house television station that carries Senate proceedings live in the Capitol went dark. All that appeared on the screen was a still photo of the Senate chamber and the words “Please stand by.”
  • That evening Malcolm Smith, the ousted majority leader, whined to the left-media that the Republican-engineered vote was illegal and violated parliamentary procedure. He said the vote was illegal because it had already taken place after the meeting was already brought to an end.
  • Smith’s spokesman said This was an illegal and unlawful attempt to gain control of the Senate and reverse the will of the people who voted for a Democratic majority

All of that was expected, and probably not so different from what Republicans might have done. But here’s what’s different. Now, a couple of days have gone by. One might expect, in a free, just-minded society, Democrats to attempt to persuade the two defectors back across the aisle. But no, the natural instinct of Democrats has taken over. Throw public tantrums, destroy property, bully, intimidate, ruin.

  • Today, Democrats got to the Senate chamber first, and locked the doors. Seriously. The minority locked the door. Childish, certainly an egregious violation of parliamentary procedure, and quite possibly illegal. What next, hold their breath?
  • They are searching for courtroom solutions.
  • New legal pressure is suddenly coming to bear due to legal and ethics problems of both defectors (same link) in an effort to get them thrown out of office, or to blackmail them into coming back across the aisle. Yes, they’re both pretty unsavory characters, but as long as they were lined up with their fellow Democrats, those concerns seem to have been tabled or at least slow-walked.

Locked the Senate doors?

Raise your hand if any of that shocks you. I’ll agree that it’s unsavory, dirty politics, and at least on some level dishonest to the people that voted for their representatives. Which makes me wonder why Democrats did not think of such shenanigans first.

Oh, wait:

  • In 2001, Jumping Jim Jeffords (T*,VT) defected to caucus with the Democrats, throwing the US Senate to a 51-49 Democrat majority.
  • In 2009, Arlen Specter (T*,PA), surely the most ungrateful, ungracious crud the world has ever seen, defected to the Democrats when it became clear he would get shellacked in an upcoming primary with nemesis Pat Toomey. This gave the Democrats a 60-40 filibuster-proof majority [with the pending Franken seat].
  • In the Texas House of Representatives, the Republicans held a thin 76-74 margin after the 2008 elections. Moderate GOP Joe Straus, with the help of 10 other Republicans and all 74 Democrats, won the House Speaker job, ousting conservative and long-standing Speaker Craddick, in effect, throwing control of the House to the Democrats.
  • In near-identical manner this January, Tennessee was similarly robbed. The GOP held a 50-49 margin, and little-known Representative Kent Williams made a secret deal with Democrats, winning the Speaker seat by virtue of all 49 Democrat votes, plus his own vote for himself. Again, Democrats now control a house in which the citizens of Tennessee voted a majority. The Tennessee GOP had the fortitude to officially kick Williams out of the party. Good on them.

In none of these instances does it appear that the Republicans threatened legal action to stop the parliamentary takeover, threatened the individual traitors, or locked opposite party members out of the house chamber.

Really now. Locked the Senate doors?

New York Democrats, enjoy that nice tasty bowl of serves-you-right, ya hear?

* Any guess what the “T” stands for?

PS – subtitle courtesy of Moe Lane. If you couldn’t already tell.