Paglia often witty, insightful - today, has a brain charleyhorse

I don’t read her often, because I don’t need to wade through leftist clutter to be amused by sophisticated wit and the occasional nugget of stunning clarity. Pejman Yousefzadeh gives me every bit the wit she could, he’s a conservative, and his intellectual well….let’s put it this way, it’s deep enough you don’t see pennies in the bottom.

Nonetheless, since Paglia chose today for a ridiculous and gratuitous dish on my boy Mark Davis, I deigned to put on the hip-high boots and take a stroll in lefty fantasy-land.

I wish I had not bothered.

According to her [bold = direct quotes]:

Conservatives repeating assassination jokes and “liberal” conspiracy theories on talk radio could be an ominous sign of things to come, but when Wanda Sykes calls Rush Limbaugh treasonous, and hopes he dies — to the smiles of Obama and the outright laughter and clapping of a roomful of majority media hacks who mostly said similar things about Bush — those are clumsy jibes. Mark Davis is obviously a glib horse’s ass, but Wanda Sykes is a feisty comedian…who is usually hilarious.

[the article was frankly full of self-contradictory pap, but I simply do not care to dissect it all. Just another example – I am generally happy with Obama’s eagerness to tackle long-entrenched social problems, although there is sometimes a curious disconnect between what he says and what he does. — shorter: he’s bold, he just lies alot]

When the right starts making movies about an Obama assassination, when they start camping outside of Obama’s Chicago home with protests and signs when he drops by to rest and recharge, when they openly call him a liar and an America-hater on the Senate floor, maybe THEN we should hear about ominous signs from conservatives.

Just like ominous signs were reported about the left during Bush’s presidency.
Oh wait…..

It is utter fatuous nonsense to ascribe to the right behavior which is sometimes found on the fringe but never in the mainstream — but which is found, by contrast, daily and prominently in the mainstream of the left. Not just lefty bloggers and pundits, but high-ranking elected Democrats. It is not possible to be more opposite of correct here than Paglia is. An intellectually agile person simply cannot come to a conclusion so completely bereft of any justification.

Color me exceedingly unimpressed. Maybe this was just a really, really bad column for her. But God knows, everybody on the right — be they politician, newsman, blogger, governor’s daughter, or plumber — gets judged by the absolute worst moment in his life that can either be discovered or invented. That’s the playing field the left created, so it’s tough noogies if you think Camille Paglia is all that and a bag of chips. If I were to judge her entirely by this one column, I would come to this conclusion:

At the end of the day, Paglia’s a garden-variety overwrought lefty pundit who could not find her elitist arse with both hands, a map, a compass, a GPS, and MapQuest™.

PS – to those on the right who want to get frantic and say “you can’t SAY that, she likes us sometimes”, or “but she’s so smart and clever!”, or “she’s big, she can squash you like a bug” [well, THAT one has some merit] I can only say:

Get ahold of yourself, man!