Bambi gives himself a B+ for first 100 days

Various outlets are reporting that Obama’s Press Secretary Robbert Gibbs has given his boss a B+ for his first 100 days in his Obama Love Fest presser today.

Since the Obama Administration, while in disarray when it comes to actual management and governance, still excels in message control, let’s not think for a single second that Gibbs would volunteer his own opinion about Bambi’s performance. This is certainly an Obama-sanctioned grade.

But why a B+? Why not an A+?

Seems to me, mister, you’ve racked up an impressive list of accomplishments in only 100 days.

  • You’ve rammed through Congress introduced and gotten passed enough new spending to leave our grandchildren paying for it.
  • You’ve gotten a rogue’s gallery of crooks, tax cheats, thieves, union thugs, and dedicated Marxists approved to your cabinet, with minimal muss and fuss.
  • You’ve apologized for America to every tin-pot dictator and foreign media flack that will listen to you.
  • You’ve managed to blame everything possible on the Bush administration, including things you are doing and promise to do to Americans.
  • You’ve given the world’s terrorists our playbook.
  • You’ve publicly handcuffed not only our intel organs but government lawyers, threatening prosecution for doing their legal jobs, and guaranteeing we’ll be blind when the terrorists hit again.
  • You’ve shown the world how 4 teenage thugs with AK-47s can hold hostage the most powerful nation the world has ever seen, once you put a Marxist ingenue in charge of that nation.
  • You’ve used the government and my tax dollars to pay off the thugs, crooks, and shills that got you the job.
  • You have for all intents made government entities of the finance and banking industry, and are well on the way to annexing the health care industry and the media.

So, what would it have taken to give yourself an A+?

Actually I think I know. You would have hugged Carla Bruni like a real man.