Obama: Destruction of LA Preferable to Waterboarding Terrorists

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In a somewhat more perfect America, a huge parade would have been held in Los Angeles, honoring and celebrating the CIA — yes, the Central Intelligence Agency — once it was made public that the city had been spared a repeat of the 9/11 terrorist attack, due to intel gathered by the CIA from captured 9/11 terrorist mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed (KSM, henceforth).

LA most likely will not do that, although I suppose it’s in the realm of possibility. However, the Obama administration has now made its position crystal clear:

If Obama was president at that time, he would have allowed terrorists to fly a hijacked jet airliner into the side of the 75-story US Bank Tower, occupied by *10,000 people, rather than authorize aggressive interrogation in order to stop it.

This is not an exercise in “what-if” scenarios. Obama practically said so. And to boot, he now plans to prosecute the very people who did stop the plot. Anybody that thinks Obama would do differently, by all means hit our comment section below and explain why. Or feel free to slink back to your own blog and take your potshots there.

Let’s play logic!

image copyright Matthew Field
[first, take a look at LA’s skyline. The highest building is the US Bank Tower]

  • Al Queda already demonstrated they could fly hijacked airliners into high-rise buildings.
  • KSM, the mastermind of the 9/11 atrocity, was in captivity, and had information on the cell tasked with committing the Los Angeles “second wave” attack.
  • Memos reveal that prior to waterboarding, KSM was a wall of intel silence, mocking his captors and giving no information beyond “Soon you will see.”
  • Memos further reveal that due to waterboarding, KSM gave up vital information that US intel forces used to stop the 2nd wave attack and roll up that whole cell of terrorists.
  • Many people are fond of saying that torturing (or even waterboarding) terrorists will not yield usable information, that the detainee will make up information just to stop the pain. And yet, a whole terrorist cell and plot were rolled up. Real people were arrested, along with reams upon reams of evidence implicating themselves and others. Waterboarding yielded real, not fake, information.

With me so far? There WAS an active plot, by people who had already demonstrated both the will and the ability to commit a grand-scale attack. It was stopped. It would not have been stopped if the CIA had not upped the intensity of their interrogation of KSM, graduating to waterboarding – a technique that causes no physical injury but gives the target a very dramatic sensation of drowning.

Can any other conclusion be drawn, so far, other than that waterboarding KSM stopped a major terrorist attack on Los Angeles, probably saving 2000-4000 American lives?

So, what does Obama have to say about it?

  • He asserts that using waterboarding makes us less safe.
  • He has declared to the world that waterboarding will not be done now, and it should have been done before. I.e. , more of those “failed Bush polices that we will no longer tolerate”.
  • He has directed his AG to prosecute Bush administration officials who authorized waterboarding.

In other words, he is saying that he would allow 2000 Americans to burn and die rather than dirty his hands by authorizing waterboarding to gather the intel necessary to stop it.

In his moral universe, he weighs the morally difficult practice of authorizing aggressive (but ultimately unharmful) interrogation of terrorists to gain vital intel, versus his sworn duty to protect and defend America, and finds the solution simple.

Not only will he neglect, even shirk, his responsibility to defend America, he will go much further. He will attempt to criminalize and prosecute loyal, patriotic Americans who did decide that defending America was more important than the delicate sensibilities of terrorists and their American sympathizers. On yet another facet, the Obama administration shows its evil heart. So great is his desire to give the world an image of a kinder, gentler America, so bent is he on blaming any and all things on Bush, that he will willingly put America in more danger.

Small, craven, bitter men stabbing at the heels of the much greater men that came before them – these earn nothing but spite from me.

* about 10,000 people working in the US Bank Tower. This I extrapolate, because I could find no place on the internet that said what the occupancy was. But here’s what I used. US Bank has 1.5 million sqft of office space, 20% of that of the twin towers (7.6 million sqft). It is widely reported that on 9/11, 50,000 people were in the twin towers. 20% of that is 10,000. US Bank was at the time reported to have 85-90% occupancy, and I doubt the WTC had much higher. Anybody that has a better number, speak up.

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