Henpecked-in-Chief scared to hug smoking hot French First Lady

How many of you guys know some *other* guy who is henpecked to death by his backbiting shrew wife, who sucks the joy out of his life, won’t let him sit down for one minute to enjoy sports on TV, and gets insanely jealous any time he happens to cross within 20 feet of the path of a woman who looks better than she does – and God forbid he should accidentally *look* in her general direction. Hug her? Yeah, not without paying……and paying…….and paying for months, maybe years.

Yeah, me too. I know several of them. I know the look. In fact, here’s the look:

This is last Friday, April 3, 2009, when the Obamas, on their Apology Tour™, Europe Edition, descended on Paris and were met by President Nicolas Sarkozy and his supermodel wife, Carla Bruni. You see what happened. Hugs and kisses abound, but when Bambi circles to meet the French First Lady, he leads with his hand and does not reciprocate her forward lean [those of you who saw While You Were Sleeping will recognize “the lean”]. Notice that at 30 seconds, Barack stiffs Carla – check the look in his eyes. Yes, that look. Sure enough, at second 33, Michelle is checking the scene to make sure he’s still on his leash. Three seconds — 3 whole frakking seconds— that’s how much leeway the poor guy had.


The world press widely circulated the notion that somehow Carla Bruni stiffed *him*. You know why? Because every man in the world knows the look in his eyes. Every man feels sympathy, and leftist media being leftist, they want to cover for the poor man who is supposed to be the most powerful man in the world, The One™ who is supposed to save the world from free markets and American Exceptionalism. We can’t have him looking weak now, can we?

Of all the press, I can find only the UK Sun that got it right in their story Bruni backs off from Obama kiss. They got the headline wrong, but got the story right:

Former model Carla lent in to give the world’s most powerful man a traditional kiss on the cheek. But he appeared to flinch away, leaving her flustered — and they ended up settling on a stiff shake.

You know that look in his eyes. I know that look. That’s the look of every guy we would not want to be.