Obama Insults the Dignity of Special-Needs Americans

[h/t RottDawg, Jeff Emanuel, and ABG]

Presidential Ass-Hattery of the Day: To Leno, and clearly adrift from binky his TelePrompTer, about his bowling ineptitude : “It’s like Special Olympics.”

Ah, no, Barry. Actually, it’s nothing like Special Olympics. This……


….is like Special Olympics.

They offer dignity to people who legitimately need help. They defend the weak. You defend the lazy, the dishonest, the professionally offended, and the freeloaders. That makes you different from them. Quite a bit different.

What, you may ask, is the big deal over what was clearly an innocent little slip of the tongue? Oh, nothing, really. It does bring a couple of things to mind, though….

(1) It wasn’t a slip of the tongue. It was inconsiderate, rude, and insulting. That little gift-exchange fiasco with Gordon Brown along with this, reveals a vain, self-important, small man.

(2) You would have aborted most or all of the people you mocked. Or if the abortion was botched, you’d be just fine with having them left to die in a clothes hamper. I know that because not only did you vote in April 2002 against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act in Illinois, you defended your vote repeatedly and publicly, and voted against it in multiple incarnations.

(3) I know somebody probably forgot to tell you, but the job you currently hold involves more than just driving our nation into poverty and socialism, dismantling the Constitution, and stealing freedoms away from Americans. Because of the job you hold (not because of your unrivaled awesomeness), the words that *issue from your pie-hole have a large effect. Recently for weeks you talked up the “crisis” situation, driving the stock market down and unemployment up. You spoke in favor of including “buy American only” in Porkulus – and Mexico and Canada heard.

(4) For a couple of decades now, white Americans have been taught that there are no slips of the tongue – anything I say or do that can be remotely construed by professionally offended chowderheads like Al Sharpton to be racist – makes me a racist. A John McCain campaign ad that was astonishing in its lack of racism was widely reviled as racist by Democrats and the press. Indeed, 58% of American blacks said it was racist. Yes, that would be this ad. See if you can find the racist part. No really, watch it 3 or 4 times if you need to.

So we’ve learned to watch what we say, because we don’t actually have to be racist to be called racist. The thanks we get for our discretion is that Barry’s AG Eric “I sprung Marc Rich” Holder calls us a nation of cowards, afraid to have a dialogue about race. BTW, eat this, Eric.

My point is, Barry, you need to watch your mouth. Or maybe you should just hang a little closer to binky from now on.

*note to the subliterate fruitcakes at FDL: The fact that you don’t know sophisticated turnings of words like issue and obvious is not my fault. Maybe you should read books and ease up on the donkey porn.