Filling Up the Big Tent

OK, the Democrats have convinced me. It’s time to hold hands across the aisle, sing kum-bah-yah and get down to the business of operating in sweet harmony. That’s right. And I am dead serious.

You know why we should reach across the aisle and hold hands?

Because there are a BUNCH of people on the OTHER side of the aisle, that OUGHT to be on our side. We should reach over there, smile, take their hands, and welcome them to their new home over to the right side – the right side, in every conceivable way.

There is no need – in fact it is unhelpful – to buy people off, bribe them with goodies, or go groveling to them begging for their support. Our government reaches its best, and most people are served best, when guided by conservative principles. We’ve done a poor job of teaching Americans the right way, and the Founding Fathers’ vision has been all but forgotten in the public arena. I tell you what, though. I don’t blame conservatives, and you better not either, unless you want one extremely nasty cat-fight with me. If you are thinking it, save it for another thread. I’m here all the time.

I believe there is room under the Big Tent™ for probably 80% of Americans, without giving up a single sliver of core conservative principles. We’ve talked alot about educating, reaching out, and getting on message. All good. We have to do that. We also have to crush the majority media and elite academia to pull this off. But I want to spend this thread on constituencies that should and in many cases can be Republicans. Some of them are already. So, here are groups that I say have EVERY good reason to be Republicans, or at least vote straight-ticket Republican every time, which I can live with.

This is just a primer, and the explanations are really basic. Probably each of these constituencies could fill its own diary. I invite you to write your own diary on any of these that move you. No doubt there are other constituencies I have not thought of too. Again, come on in, the diary-writing water is fine……

  • Small business owners : The Democrats raise taxes, raise minimum wage, and saddle you with ridiculous regulatory burdens — all of which simply take money out of your pocket, pure and simple. Money that you raised, risked, and worked hard for. How much did you spend last year obeying a stack of stupid and counterproductive regulations. We do the opposite. We want simple, non-intrusive government, and we want you to be rewarded for your hard work and risks.
  • Small business employees : see above, and note that the harder it is for your employer to make a profit, the less money you will make, and the less likely they can afford you at all. Which party is helping your pocketbook, do you think?
  • Investors : Anybody with 401K or IRA, which is most Americans. Thanks to the Democrats, America has some of the highest corporate taxes and capital gains taxes anywhere. Money out of your pocket, and given to a government that spends your money outlandishly. Your mutual funds don’t break down the details for you, but it comes straight off of your profit. Do you think Exxon-Mobil should be taxed more for their profits? When they made $12 billion profit in 2008, 2nd qtr, (of which 10.1 B went to shareholders), they paid $32 billion in taxes. If you have a 401k, you probably own shares of Exxon-Mobil through one of the mutual funds. And the government took a boatload of your money, while the Democrats were screaming bloody murder about that greedy Exxon-Mobil (which YOU own shares in).
  • Libertarians : It’s a slightly uncomfortable alliance, and you may by all means vote your own party. But when the Democrats reign, as they now do, EVERYTHING you hold dear is dragged through the mud, especially your freedoms. Hang with us. We really are not trying to set up a theocracy.
  • Christians : Conservatives value unborn children. Conservatives value freedom to worship. Conservatives oppose the imposition of homosexual “marriage” on an unwilling public. The left, very aggressively, pushes the demolition of the family, the suppression of religious expression, and infanticide. If you are a Christian and vote Democrat, you are voting for the party that seeks to destroy everything you hold sacred. So stop it, already.
  • American Blacks : first, see “Christians”. Democrat programs in the last 40 years have destroyed the entire family infrastructure and led to rampant single-parent homes, which has led to a persistent underclass, high crime, extremely high black-on-black crime, and that gang thing. Conservatives stand for what most of you do – family values, freedom, and self-reliance. Democrats promise you the moon, and deliver you dependency on the government, encouragement of abortion, and hatred of Republicans. We promise you that conservatism is ALREADY compassionate. You think Obama’s your guy? His policies will diminish, not increase, your fortunes and your opportunities.
  • American Latinos : first, see “Christians”. The Latino community is highly religious, highly family-oriented. Conservatives strongly promote family values, and in addition would have ALL of you assimilate with the English-speaking culture of the United States, not live sequestered as second-class people limited in mobility and economic opportunity. By the way, my name, E Pluribus Unum, stands for exactly that. It means out of many, one.
  • Blue-collar union employees : Where would I even start? Huge chunks of your earned wages are confiscated from you in the form of union dues and used for political purposes. I could stop there and you would already have a great reason to vote Republican. But add to it this: they are using your hard-earned money to advocate things you yourself find offensive. Blue collar people, as a demographic, oppose abortion, love family values, and value freedom, not dependency. Republicans agree with you on all of those things.
  • Teacher union employees : Like the above, your money is being confiscated to fuel an aggressive anti-family, anti-freedom, and frankly anti-education movement. The teacher unions are busy turning your schools into leftist indoctrination camps. If you oppose that, vote Republican. And maybe give some thought to ousting your leadership, or better – disbanding the teacher unions, since they will ever and always evolve into what they are right now, if left unguarded.
  • Corporate employees : I mentioned above the Democrat-imposed corporate taxes higher here than almost anywhere else. Your employer pays you less , and can employ fewer of you because of those taxes. Conservatives will lower taxes, making your employer that much more competitive and profitable, and able to provide you a stabler and higher-paying job..
  • Residents of right-to-work states : Once a state government forces businesses to accept union-friendly rules, unemployment goes up. Think of unions as having the same effect on businesses and the economy as taxes. For a perfect example, see Michigan’s economy, tax rates, and unemployment rates. See which party is in charge of that state, from top to bottom. [hint – it’s the Democrats]
  • Age 45-60 people : You’ve already had thousands and thousands of dollars your whole adult life confiscated from you in the greatest Ponzi scheme ever conceived. You are in danger of not receiving anything from it. That’s not alarmism. Ponzi schemes must crash. The Democrats suggest raising the FICA tax even more to sustain it longer, with no end in sight. What began at 1% is now something like 14%. Republicans propose gently transitioning the whole program to you (aka, ‘privatizing’), just like your 401K. Which does not expire when you die, but goes to your children. This is simple. Vote with us.
  • Parents of school-age children : Ask yourself this. While your children are learning all about self-esteem, homosexual “marriage”, multi-culturalism, and how evil white males are, do they know, in terms of reading, math, and American history, what you knew at their age? Easy answer. No. Wanna know why? Read above, the ‘Teacher union employees’. Public schools have become the Democrat Party’s playground for leftist indoctrination and social engineering. Conservatives seek desperately to change that and restore schools to serious and practical educational golas.
  • Anyone soon to inherit or be inherited from: The inheritance tax (aka ‘death tax‘) is solely a Democrat cash cow. You were already taxed as you earned this money the first time, and the Democrats want another cut of your money. Very commonly a business is inherited by the son or daughter, who then has to sell the business in order to pay a 45% death tax. Good times, eh?

There are probably plenty of other constituencies that should be voting Republican. These are what I thought of first. And please take notice, this is vital — we don’t have to pander, sell out, or compromise our principles to buy off all these people. We conservatives already provide a platform that gives them ALL the best shot at life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Bi-partisanship is for weaklings who do not have the courage of their convictions, if they have convictions at all. We just have to reach these people, show them, and teach them, while shouting down and wrecking the evil major media.