Fred Thompson should have been the 44th President


A funny thing happened on the way to the New Year’s Eve party….

As some of you know by now, this Wednesday the RedState Directors promoted me to join the team as a front-page contributor. It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: I am deeply honored, thankful, humbled, and a bit stunned. I will not deny, I sure had ambitions and hopes toward this, in the same way I once wanted to be a major league pitcher. I mean, who would not wish to be a RedState contributor? But who knew? Lil’ ole me, the OCD guy who won’t let the Fred thing go.

RedState is not the corner malt-shop, some nickel and dime agitprop echo chamber. RedState is the biggest mover and shaker in the right-blog universe, and the Directors and Contributors here are one high-profile, professional bunch of political thinkers and operators. It is no exaggeration to say that things said and done on RedState affect votes and debates in Congress.

As I told Jaded last night, I now walk where Augustine, Thomas Crown, and Krempasky have trod. I now rub shoulders with other giants, of equal stature to those. While I have my posse, the Fredheads — and a fine bunch it is, I LOVE you people — THESE people influence things on Capitol Hill. They are big-time connected in the Republican Party, and in the conservative movement. They are hated and feared by the left. They force the Treason Media to deal with RedState. And the trend is accelerating.

It is incumbent on me now to walk in the way of these people, to not only honor their legacy but to continue their work — to increase the influence and excellence of RedState. The old guard got us here – we are currently the most-read, by far, right-side blog on Capitol Hill. Under the new guard, before we lay our swords down, we shall be required morning reading by every staff in Washington and in state houses, of either party, in every bureaucracy. Democrats will read us and fear. So will Republicans, of the wuss, compromising, and RINO variants. Ditto career kleptocrats bureaucrats. What the RedState community lays its hands on will be moved. And that movement will be toward the small-government, liberty-loving, America-is-great vision of Edmund Burke and the Founding Fathers.

So anyway, I am here. You are here. And it’s time to serve notice.

Game on, be-yotch.