China wins 2008 Pot-Kettle Award, International Division -- or not????

CHINA BLOCKS ONLINE ACCESS TO NEW YORK TIMES, triggering a world-wide ‘WTF???’ reflex.

My first response to this small comedic moment was this: in what conceivable way, in what bizarre alternate universe could Red China possibly find something objectionable in the spastic America-hating, dishonest, hyper-leftist coverage issuing from the maw of America’s premiere commie daily?

Initially I was going to post this as a RedHot, and leave the above statement as is. Then I got to thinking on it, because it is just so darned counter-intuitive. Are the Red Chinese really that dumb? It turns out, they are not. Extensive research on my part has revealed a pattern of behavior by the New York Times that belies its reputation. I was surprised to find…..

The Top Ten Reasons Red China Canned the NYT:

  • 10. The NYT routinely speaks well of the European Union, hailing its economic model and leadership-sharing power structure. China believes only in entrenched totalitarian dictatorships, and a tightly controlled economy. They are a little touchy about it.
  • 9. The NYT attends the Church of Green, and the Church of AGW. China is busy building smelly factories, power plants, and other smog-generating , cranking up an industrial society that is somewhat counter to the horse-and-buggy society that the NYT would like all of us to return to.
  • 8. The NYT routinely recommends books and movies that are decadent, counter-moral, and promote the worst of libertine excesses. While that makes the NYT an enemy of conservative America, it ALSO does not set them up good with a Chinese government that decries the rotting influence of Western pop “culture”.
  • 7. The NYT’s support for the commie candidate in 2008 was considerably less complete than suggested. On at least 4 occasions in July-Nov, they used McCain’s name without using the phrase “four more years of Bush” or “crusty old white b###ard”.
  • 6. At least once during the 2008 Summer Games, the NYT failed to use the phrase “greatest dynasty of all time” in reference to China. At least twice it also failed to mention the crystal-clear, pristine air quality that was not only at non-lethal levels, but also had visibility of at least a quarter mile at all times.
  • 5. Richard Nixon never set foot in Red China, and we kindly thank you to not repeat that shameful falsehood.
  • 4. Nothing special has EVER happened at Tiananmen Square. Just STFU already and move on, NYT. We don’t even OWN any tanks.
  • 3. And let me ask you this — why the heck are your kids licking the paint off of toys anyway?
  • 2. Those ballistic missile secrets the Clinton Administration sold to China are grossly overplayed by the NYT. Our two-stage ICBM’s are *not* pointed at the United States. ::wink:: ::wink::
  • 1. And just shut up already. She (or I should say ‘He’) *was too* 16.

Well slap my mouth!