Dear 52

We told you so.

Hugs and Kisses,

[I would have ended this here, because brevity is the soul….. well, you get it — but lately it’s not safe to be a short diary around here ;o). So, I’ll expound. Please take the jump with me…..]

So, 52, just to recap. While you were spending these last months swooning over his oratory wonder, his alleged post-racial heal-the-national-scars [eep] talk, his promises to lower taxes [sniggle] for 95% [BWAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA] of the people [AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA], his Hope-&-Change , which means “Hope he leaves me a little change after all the upcoming tax hikes” ::struggling to regain composure::, his ending the culture of corruption ::oh no, composure slipping:: in Washington [BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA], ::deep gasp::, [AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA], and in general his ability to leap tall buildings with a single bound, stop trains, and all that….. [whew] ………….OK, I’m better now…..

Well, you stupid idiots, we were telling you otherwise for months. Now it seems your blissful post-election cigarette has been rudely interrupted, and you’ve found that your bonny lass was actually a hooker, and not a very pretty one, once the light got turned on. And she took your wallet on the way out the door.

We told you:

  • That the One had some shady, off-color, sleezy relations back in Chicago. I know for a fact that we used the term ‘Chicago Machine’. Do the names Tony Rezco, Mayor Daly, ACORN, and William Ayers sound familiar? They should, because WE have been talking about them for months. Now you can add to the list the names Blago, Harris, and Jesse Jackson Jr.
  • That the post-racial talk was just smoke, that he was just a second-rate race-baiter, no better than Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. And we now find that your spiritual mentor Reverend Wright not only calls our nation the ‘US of KKK A’, but that he believes that America bombed Hiroshima on December 7. Whether that was 1941 or 1945, I’m not clear on. Stupid AND America-hating. Speaking of chickens coming home to roost….
  • That the ‘culture of corruption’ was a term that fit Democrats a WHOLE lot more than it does Republicans. Add Blago, his CoS John Harris, Obama’s soon-to-be-ex CoS Rahm Emanuel, and soon-to-be-ex Congressman William Jefferson to the list. While we are at it, let’s add Eric “Pardon Inc, Never Gonna Be SecState” Holder. We are impressed, by the way, with the very chutzpah of that nomination.
  • That ‘the one’ had had no executive, buck-stops-here experience, and in fact had never shown any inclination to take charge of anything. What’s Boy Wonder had to say about the UAW bailout bill? What? I can’t hear you…… We already know what he’s had to say about the Blago affair. To paraphrase: “That guy is not the Blago I knew.” Yep, that’s one take-charge CEO you got there, 52.
  • That he was actually NOT going to pull the troops precipitously from Iraq. The fact that this surprises you speaks volumes about your IQ as a group.
  • That this guy was an ‘uh’ machine. Kind of annoying now, isn’t it?

So anyway, 52, enjoy your STD. You earned it.

ps: h/t to Neil Stevens, whose original Dear 52 inspired this one.