Open Thread: I am thankful for.....

I want to offer up some thanks, which I will below. But at this time, I also want ALL of us to tell all our friends at RedState what we are thankful for at this time.

Shameless plug alert – special EPU favor, please: can we all Rec this? I’d like this to sit on the Rec List for 3-4 days, so that ALL of us can chime in with Thanksgiving wishes, and everybody can read them.

For me, Thanksgiving is inextricably linked to my faith in the Lord God, and all thanks are directed His way. That need not be your view. This is not to be my diary, but OUR DIARY.

So, here are things that I am grateful to God for. Some universal, some personal:

  • First, foremost: Thankful to the Lord God for His love and the gift of forgiveness and grace through His Son : But God demonstrates His own love toward us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us – Romans 5:8
  • my parents: my dad, and his dad before him, are my North Star. I could hope for no better role models. My mother – a rock of love, protection, and wisdom.
  • RedState – what a home, what a bunch. What a brotherhood and sisterhood. And what a mission in coming days.
  • My sister and my 2 brothers.
  • She who shall remain unnamed here for now. But ‘hubba hubba’ ought to cover it.
  • The Founding Fathers, and Edmund Burke who inspired them. Their wisdom and discretion, their vision, their selfless hard work in laying the foundation that we STILL build upon. In particular, George Washington, James Madison, and John Adams. We owe America’s greatness to all the FF.
  • All the people who fought, sacrificed, risked, and died in all our wars, beginning with the American Revolution. Nothing I can say is too grand.
  • My very best friends – Brian Lee, and Bill & Lisa Roark. They have done alot for me, influenced me, shared blood and sorrow with me, all of them for at least 8 years. And Caleb Howe, for a year now. Great friend and ally.
  • Oklahoma State University – where it all began for me.
  • The Minority Report – Foley, Hinz, and the gang have been great and loyal friends and companions. And there is a good and growing work going on over there.
  • Finally, and second-best: all Fredheads and other conservatives everywhere. We are the Phoenix. Do not rejoice over me, O my enemy. Though I fall, I will rise. Though I dwell in darkness, the Lord is a light for me – Micah 7:8

So, what are you thankful for?

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