AGW-denier set to be next EU president

h/t Herald Tribune

The Czech Republic is set to occupy the rotating European Union presidency. The current Czech president is one Vaclav Klaus, a trained economist in the Milton Friedman camp. He has a colorful and controversial political history, being a known dissident under Soviet rule, involved in the Velvet Revolution, and sometimes scandal-ridden. He’s considered center-right, and is a bitter rival with national hero Vaclav Havel.

But hey, all that is peanut butter and jelly to me. Two things you should know:

  • He’s a big, big free marketeer
  • He so vehemently opposes the AGW Hoax that he once called ManBearPig an “apostle of arrogance”.

The Europeans were near-catatonic, making rocking motions and chanting “Excelsior!”