What? Al Queda not caught up in Obamamania?

Two questions for you, class;

Raise your hand if you thought Al Queda wanted Bambi to win the election over the fighter pilot. Yes, I see, pretty much everybody has a hand up. Some of you wise guys with two hands.

Hands down now. OK, second question. How many of you thought that Al Queda’s endorsement of Bambi signified that Bambi’s ‘Surrender First’ policy would lead to peace or at least a cease-fire with dedicated America-hating Islamist terrorist groups? Hmmmmmm. Anyone? Anyone at all? Beuller? Anyone?

Just great. Just dandy.

Now if I might address 52 for a moment.

Hey, 52, remember what you wrought, when you elected a weak, effete, surrender-first appeaser to office. The terrorists just LOVE weak leaders. You did notice, didn’t you, that they called your guy a house slave? Actually the English subtitles used an even less flattering term.

Just so you know, 52. In 2012, MY new name will be 57, and YOUR new name will be 43. So during these 4 years while you are occupying my house, eating my groceries and camped out in front of my TV watching the cable I paid for, just keep your damned feet off my furniture.

Hugs and kisses,