Say good-bye to Taiwan

Now that surrender-monkey statist Democrats run the Presidency, House and Senate, Judiciary, State, DOD, and CIA, there will be no more delay by the enemies of freedom.

At home, look for the so-called Fairness Doctrine to be used as a weapon to shut down conservative dissent. It will not succeed but they will surely try it. Also look for the accelerated attempts to socialize everything, and to use the educational systems to indoctrinate our children into leftist-socialist-Marxist doctrines. Expect accelerated class-warfare, and the day will come soon when we will look back fondly on the current bad economy (caused by Democrats) as ‘back when we actually HAD an economy’.

But in reference to America’s enemies abroad, the election of a Chicago-machine appeaser and unstoppable majorities in Congress bode even worse. Terrorists are emboldened, and given Bambi’s plans for our military (let’s just say the term ‘projection of power’ has been dropped fro the lexicon), all of the friends of America whose very existence benefit from the tacit muscle of American force — Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, South Korea, Georgia, Ukraine, Kuwait, Lebanon, and Taiwan — are on notice:

Hey babe, you’re on your own.

And for Taiwan, this signals the end of that nation. When China takes it either by invasion or coercion, the United States may not even make a wimper.Just a refresher on how Taiwan (aka Republic of China) came to exist in its current sorta-nation limbo (the following borrows heavily from Wikipedia, feel free to dispute fine points):

Pre-Chinese Taiwan:
Let’s begin in 1895, when Imperial Japan finally and completely possessed the island. Previous to that, the political history was a mish-mash of violent native tribalism and incomplete and ineffective Chinese rule. In 1895, following one of many Chinese-Japanese skirmishes, Taiwan was surrendered by treaty to Japan, which quickly quelled native revolts and introduced complete order and civilization for the first time ever. Japan quickly brought Taiwan into the world-wide industrial age as well.

During WW2, which in the Pacific Theater was actually a hot war starting in 1931, Taiwan was a naval center and also a center for forced POW labor in its various industries and mining operations.

Chinese Taiwan:
But by treaty upon Japan’s surrender in 1945, Taiwan was handed over to the Republic of China (ROC), led by Chiang Kai-Shek. Beginning in 1912, ROC was the government of mainland China. But in 1949, the communists, led by Mao Tse-Tung staged a successful civil war that conquered all of mainland China, birthing the so-called Peoples’ Republic of China (PRC), which rules to this day, pollutes this planet like no other, and recently hosted the Olympics. Nationalist forces led by Chiang Kai-Shek retreated to Taiwan, so that island (and outliers) became the sole remaining province of the ROC. To be fair, the ROC was an authoritarian one-party state, finally converting to a democratic government with multiple parties and free elections in the 1990’s.

The current stalemate:
From the beginning, PRC has claimed Taiwan as a rebellious province. The ROC has claimed Taiwan as a sovereign nation – more exactly, the ROC considers itself to be the sole legitimate authority of all of China. The PRC has a “One-China” policy, overtly stating that it plans to re-annex Taiwan. Any nation that accepts Taiwan as a sovereign nation, PRC will not have diplomatic relations with (by policy). However, many nations have informal diplomatic offices in Taiwan, and Taiwan likewise has de facto embassies elsewhere.

The topic of reunification is a political football in Taiwan, with substantial forces in favor of joining the PRC voluntarily. The rather remarkable status that Hong Kong maintains even after being absorbed by the PRC in 1999 has not gone unnoticed. Also noticed — the impressive arsenal aimed its way, combined with the increasingly wuss nature of American diplomacy vis a vis the PRC.

The outside world has various viewpoints, but the position of the United States has been, and remains (momentarily) this: The situation must be resolved peaceably, and force by PRC will result in the USA blocking by force.

Meanwhile, the last 15 years have seen the PRC grow massively both militarily and economically. They have aggressively pursued alliances in Africa, they virtually own the Panama Canal, and are undergoing massive industrialization. Meanwhile they have a huge buildup in missiles, troops, and naval ships centered on the mainland directly across from Taiwan, which sits a mere 110 miles off the coast.

American muscle – the final defense:
The United States has been a chief patron and business partner of Taiwan, and has considerable military muscle in the neighborhood, always on watch. It is my opinion (and may or may not be the dominant opinion) that if not for American muscle, PRC would long ago have re-annexed Taiwan.

Anyone who disputes that premise, well, we are about to find out something. I have not heard an official Obama statement regarding Taiwan. If he has already thrown them under the bus, I would not be surprised. If he has made any sort of statement supporting the current US stance, I frankly do not believe him. And China, like the terrorists, can smell the stench of fear, appeasement, and wishy-washy group-think going on in the Obama camp. They’ve been waiting for this moment.

I just know that starting January 21, 2009, if I lived in Taiwan, I would already be gone.