So how many states were stolen by fraud?

I’ve not heard the words ‘ACORN’ or ‘fraud’ since before election day. It takes no great insight to figure out why the Media Wing of the Democrat Party has not uttered these words – because the candidate that the media relentlessly flogged for and covered for won, and any close examination of election fraud might reflect poorly on their guy.

Prior to the election, they grudgingly mentioned what was abundantly obvious – that ACORN was involved in wholesale-volume fraud all across America. The FBI had opened investigations in at least 13 states, many of them battleground states, yet the media were careful to describe ACORN as “non-partisan”, and the alleged violations as isolated incidents involving low-level employees.

You and I know better. They cheated, and they cheated BIG. And the media covered for them. So I am curious – what would the big map have looked like if you took away 2% of the total from the Democrat total in every state?

By my quick count, it changes the total voter count to 50-47, and it finalizes the electoral college vote to 311-227. This is by virtue of FL, NC, IN, and MO all going to the Repubs. The 2% bump also puts OH and VA into tossups – were we to have won those, the electoral collage vote would be Obama 278-260.

Oh yeah, and Gordon Smith would have held the OR senate seat, giving us 44-56. Not ideal, but capable of filibustering hard-left judge nominees, grotesque spending bills, and attacks on the freedoms of Americans.

I bring all this up not to say that McCain won, should have won, or anything like that. I bring it up to say this:


They will continue to cheat even more, working hard to permanently consolidate their power. It is in their core nature to lie and cheat to gain and consolidate power. if we want a free nation, free market, and a Constitutional government still in existence 4 years from now,

We must stop them.

That is all.