EPU completes successful gravity check -- UPDATED

Just a short note to let you guys know: Saturday afternoon, during the 3rd quarter of the OklaState-Texas game, I was painting the interior of my house about 14 feet up, and the feet of the extension ladder slipped out from under me.

I had maybe a second warning, and the ride down was probably another second – during those two seconds I got a pretty good replay of my 45 years on earth, certain that life after would be permanently different from life before.

But as it turns out, probably not. I landed with my right hip on the ladder rail, but made no contact with my head or back. My feet were not caught in the rungs. It could have been much, much worse and I am thankful to the Lord for watching over me. The upshot is, I have a hairline fracture of the sacrum, pulled groin, major bone bruises on pelvis and femur. Momentarily I am barely ambulatory on crutches, and these 48 hours seem to turn up more bumps and bruises. Every sudden motion, as well as sitting or standing, comes with distressingly sharp pangs – even under the wonderful care of Mother Hydrocodone.

The prognosis is fuzzy, nobody really knows how fast I will bounce back, but there is no reason to think my recovery will not be 100%. Broadly speaking I’ll be walking in 2 weeks, speeding in my clutch-driven sports car in maybe 3 weeks, meanwhile milking this for all it’s worth with the ladies at work, church, and everywhere else possible.

As with every adventure, there are funny side notes, and while I’m pretty groggy here, this one stands out at the moment. It goes without saying that upon impact I used every foul word I know in both English and Spanish, and for a few minutes I thought I had broken my hip or pelvis. But by the time the ambulance people took my BP and heart rate, it was 116/60, with a HR of 68. They seemed somewhat taken aback from that, and this was BEFORE the oxycotin.

So, what can I say. Cool under pressure, but then we knew that.

Anyway, your prayers are coveted. For you atheists, I’m happy with well wishes (but you guys are REALLY missing the part of Christianity that is most rewarding). I may not answer alot of notes – I’m pretty busted up and decently drugged, and sitting at the computer is tough.

UPDATE : 11/10, 16 days after the ladder fall: I am still recovering, but it has gone much faster than predicted: I was walking in 10 (not 14) days, driving my manual-shift car in 7 (not 21) days. I walk with a limp that is diminishing day by day. Last might I actually sort-of danced – at a birthday party.

I appreciate the thoughts and prayers from all of you!