Treason Media celebrate Dem hacking crime - Manuel Miranda was run out of town for less

My, my, my. Neither surprising nor really disappointing anymore. Just add this little item to the veritable MOUNTAIN of Treason Media antics that prove that they are tireless cheerleaders for the left. Consider two events, two different situations, and two different outcomes. I give you

(1) MemoGate of 2003 — when Republican Senate staffer Manuel Miranda accessed (and eventually acted upon) unprotected data on a common server that revealed severely dirty and possibly criminal activity by the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee.
(2) EmailGate of 2008 — when hackers criminally accessed GOP VP candidate’s private email account and published the contents, as well as the password and other private information, across the internet.

The Treason Media’s respective treatment? OK really, you have to ask?

Let’s recap what actually happened (and I’m skimming, I don’t have time to collect all the cites – perhaps somebody could help out with that?). Then we’ll see what the media did.


  • Miranda accessed unprotected information on a server jointly used by both Dems and Repubs. Perhaps it was unsavory, it was certainly NOT illegal [and there’s a lesson in this for Dems — when you are committing illegal acts, you should not leave the evidence on servers you share with your victims.]
  • the information revealed was extremely high-value and newsworthy.
  • the information revealed Democrats on the Judiciary Committee working in direct concert with known leftist pressure groups.
  • the information revealed that the Dems on Judiciary stalled certain Bush Appeals Court nominees for the direct purpose of affecting the outcome of specific cases (for example, the UMich Law School case)
  • That behavior was at the minimum unethical and should have been grounds for expulsion from the Senate. It is very possible the behavior was also criminal.
  • One especially tasty morsel — the highly qualified Miguel Estrada was opposed purely because he was Hispanic and the Dems felt he was being groomed as a stealth scotus nominee.


  • Hackers illegally accessed private information by stealing a password
  • The information revealed, thus far, shows nothing particularly interesting, and nothing anywhere near being newsworthy on its own right.
  • The most interesting fact out there at the moment is that the Secret Service and FBI are VERY interested in this matter, and the AP has refused to cooperate.

So, how’s our favorite Treason Media handling these things? Glad you asked:

As Memogate came to light, the Treason Media were in high dudgeon about dastardly behavior (of Miranda, not Judiciary Dems). The unbelievably tasty and newsworthy contents, to my knowledge, never saw the light of day, except through the many New Media outlets (where they were discussed at length and in detail).

Emailgate, however, is a different story. The dominant AP story floating around reveals the mentality. They mention hackers, they mention that the Secret Service is involved (proudly noting that the AP refused to cooperate), then go straight to work:

The disclosure Wednesday raises new questions about the propriety of the Palin administration’s use of nongovernment e-mail accounts to conduct state business….One person whose e-mail to Palin apparently was among those disclosed, Amy B. McCorkell, declined to discuss her correspondence…..Another of the e-mails apparently revealed Wednesday was an exchange in July with Alaska Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell discussing a talk show host who had been critical of Parnell. Parnell declined to discuss the matter……Palin herself used “gov.sarah” in one of her e-mail addresses…..Her husband used “fek9wnr” in his address. “Fe” is the representation for iron, and “k9” is an abbreviation for canine…..

Funny how the contents of the illegally obtained emails are so important to report. Back then, the story was not the memos, but they guy who discovered them. This time, the story is the contents of the emails.

PS — the sad denouement to the Miranda story is that he was run out of town — by the wuss Republicans. He now writes for somebody, I forget who — either Townhall or NRO, I think.

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