The Dem-Media cartel have no choice but to attack Palin - here's why

Governor Sarah Palin has fundamentally changed the battle. And it’s not just for 2008. The arrival of Palin and her performance thus far — combined with budding ascendancy of Governor Jindal — signals that no matter what happens in November, the Republican Party is swinging conservative, with a new attitude that is (finally, at LONG last) ready to directly engage the Dem-Media in the trenches, with live weaponry. Whether McCain brilliantly engineered this, ever foresaw this, or if the Palin pick was one of those happy fortuitous things that prove that God does indeed bless America — all are irrelevant. He picked the conservative pit bull with lipstick, she’s on the attack, and Jindal has engaged the corrupt Democrat machine in Louisiana — it’s on, and this bodes very poorly for the American Left in the next 15 years.

We (the right, Republicans, conservatives, patriots – this works for all of us) have watched with rage, fascination, dismay, and a few other interesting emotions as we have watched the Democrat-Treason Media cartel reach new lows in utterly unmerited, uncalled for attacks on Palin. They have behaved so blatantly and atrociously, abandoning all decency and any vestige of fairness and objectivity, that most of us on the right simply can’t process it.

It’s simply too vicious, too rude, for civil society.

But in reality, they are doing exactly what they must. They have no choice. Let me illustrate.In this battle, McCain and Obama are the principals. On his side, Obama has had the benefit of a massive Treason Media attack dog — vicious, sharp-toothed, sneaky, perfectly willing to attack and bite at any opening. To tell the truth, McCain has been holding up quite well fighting both Obama and the Treason Media. A bit under in the polls but very much in the race. Obama’s much-anticipated convention and his selection of noted attack rabbit Joe Biden added no advantage.

Then McCain released his own pit bull. With her convention speech watched by 40 million Americans (hugs and kisses again to the Treason Media for adding to her celebrity), Governor Palin made history with a fairly ordinary red-meat speech that included the game changer:

Here’s a little newsflash for those reporters and commentators: I’m not going to Washington to seek their good opinion. I’m going to Washington to serve the people of this great country

Game on.

Our pit bull took a healthy bite out of the rear of the Treason Media, then she went to work on Obama. Her presence, her conservatism, her buck-the-system history, her youth and fresh image, her somewhat thin resume which only calls attention to Obama’s even THINNER resume – these have all served to trump practically every theme Obama had going. Polls have dropped precipitously since Day 1 of the Palin era.

So here’s why the media must go after Palin with everything they have:

If your pit bull is on top of my master, I can’t worry about you. I have to do everything possible to get the pit bull off my master.

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