RedState users' memo to the 9/11 trolls, mobies, and other low-life traitors

It’s not really surprising. We expected you this day, because this is who you are. Punks who hide behind keyboards to sow your America-hating bile, who deliberately inflict damage on those who love America. I did not want to write this memo, since I would RATHER spend the day reflecting on and honoring the dead and injured.

But you came, in numbers. You could not merely stay at dKos and the others and spew your venom among your own kind. You had to come here to the land of patriots and heroes, of military veterans and warriors, and attempt to poison our memorial day. So I have a message for you. Are you ready?

We might come see you.

Pray that we don’t.

I’m not going to waste any more space telling what vile creatures you are. I’m just going to enlighten you on a couple of points.

  • The internet and email systems are not as secret and anonymous as you think.
  • RedState regulars are not as civilized and benign as you think.

I would be doing a patriotic service by cleaning up the trash in America just a bit, if you know what I mean. RedState’s regulars include a large number of former military, including Marines and Special Forces, some of whom I know for certain are even less kind-hearted than I am. Some of us have seen violence, seen carnage, seen death. We are not scared of our own blood.

You, trolls and mobies, are protected only by the fact that the RedState technical staff will probably not release the emails, the IP addresses, the city-state-node information, and etc to the rest of us. Our resident RedState techie users will probably not dig around and find similar login names with personal info at various gathering sites on the internet.

So you can stay and be a problem, or you can just leave. I don’t much care which.