Did I hear somebody say ANWR? -- a map of AK, ANWR, and OCS fields

If it is Palin, and by all accounts it is, it moves domestic drilling, gas, and energy to the FRONT burner and it will dominate all campaigning and all debating. And with that in mind, I have a couple of pictures that I got from the office of my Congressman — the Honorable US Representative Joe Barton of Texas.

We hear about ANWR, we hear about how off-shore drilling is restricted, and we hear about square miles, gallons, barrels, and so on until our heads hurt.

And I think pictures are word a thousand words apiece. So jump with me and take a look at these maps:ANWR in perspective….


Can you find the little red square that represents the footprint of the drilling platforms? Yeah, well, you have to look pretty close.

Aaaaaaaaaaand a map of where we can and can’t drill offshore….


Guys, PICTURES speak volumes.