Dear Dems - Thank you for picking Biden - Love, Repubs

To : the Democratic Party, the Obama Campaign team

CC : the Treason Media, Hollywood elites, Western Europeans, Al Queda, Al Jazeera, the nutroots, Hugo Chavez, Kim Jong Il, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and a special shout out to Vlad ‘when I look in his eyes I see KGB’ Putin

To all :

How can we EVER thank you enough! By picking Joe Biden to fill out the Obama ticket, you have made our dreams come true. Without citing his whole resume, let me just hit the highlights – Joe Biden is a gaseous, vapid, cheating, lying sound-bite factory with no discernable skills, room temp IQ, and an enduring love affair with himself and his own voice that we find quite endearing.

We also think it is cute how the Treason Media — what Rush calls the Media Wing of the Democratic Party, and what calls itself, amusingly, the mainstream media — is working furiously, and with not even a shred of dignity, to prop up this sock puppet and give it the theme of stateliness, of being some kind of foreign policy wonk, of being (oh yeah, THIS is credible) NOT a Washington insider. This election cycle, like no other, the Treason Media have shed any pretense of objectivity and have gone in totally to cheerleading, propagandizing, and covering for the Democrats. By the way, we do not thank the treason media for lying, cheating, misrepresentation, and abuse of power, we merely thank them for shilling for the Biden pick.

As the days go by, we’ll show our gratitude in more and more detail, and you’ll come to understand how sincerely we mean it. We doubt you could have made a better choice for us, had you tried. Sigh…..the dream team, the pair of biggest egos, blowhards, and airheads in Washington. The Jordan and Pippen of asshats. Or as we call them….


Hugs and kisses,

The Repubs