I quit too!

OK, I have just HAD it with RedState, Regnery, Human Events, and the whole Eagle Publishing empire (henceforth referred to as the Evil Empire, or EE). Make no mistake: I am HACKED! It’s time to take my ball and go home!ball<em>go</em>home” title=”” /></p>
<p>take the jump with me to see these irrefutable charges:</p>
<p>okay, here is conclusive proof that these entities are not only conservative (hushed oooooooooooo sound), but involved in a collaborative effort to advance conservative governance and policies by getting conservatives elected and (much worse) non-conservatives defeated.  in secret meetings, the term vrwc is used.  as yet i don’t know what it means.</p>
<p><strong>this must not stand!!!</strong></p>
<p>to wit:</p>
<p>at the moment at redstate, the top fp stories are titled:<br />— the myth of obama’s courageous iraq speech<br />— now, barry. what do we say when we’ve done something wrong?<br />— obama campaign admits he lied when he called national right to life liars<br />similarly, at human events, among the top of the list:<br />— mccain’s saddleback grand slam<br />— mccain the ascender, obama the condescender<br />— excerpts from ‘the case against obama’, published by……wait for it……<b>regnery publishing!!!<b> [bom-bom-bom]</p>
<p>the above-mentioned regnery book currently sits at #1 in several categories at amazon, and #19 overall, while nancy pelosi’s tender state-of-the-heart book sits at #8751, after reaching as high as 1000 at it’s peak.  clearly this conspiracy even touches <b>freaking amazon!</b></p>
<p><b>could it be more blatant?</b> there’s a common theme, seemingly coordinated!  clearly this vrwc is afoot, and running amok!  further, as if to taunt us, human events not only openly hawks a regnery book that attacks the one, they include, on their front page, links to redstate’s top front page articles, <i>under an obvious redstate logo!</i></p>
<p>i’m aghast at all this, and further taken aback that by regularly commenting and blogging on that dastardly redstate, i may have actually participated, in some small way, in this vrwc.  so here i sit, fairly on the horns of a dilemma.</p>
<p><b>i must either quit, or surrender to this fiendishly clever conspiracy to spread conservatism throughout this once-great land. </b>  what to do, what to do……</p>
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<p><strong>update by erick:</strong>  geez, what is with you people.  first i have to update jonlester and now i have to update epu?  this is nuts.</p>
<p>for the record, we deny all relations with the vrwc, carnal or otherwise.  our unstated motto of “redstate: where the vrwc meets online” is <em>unstated</em> for that very reason.  we have a strong relationship with eagle, regnery, human events (ann coulter is their legal correspondent), and reality.  the fact that we are hitting obama hard has nothing to do with any connection, real or imagined, to anything related to anything called the vrwc.</p>
<p>i tell you all this on behalf of the <s>vrwc</s> . . . umm . . . illuminati.  yeah, that’s the ticket!  i speak only on behalf of the illuminati. um . . . redstate does.  yes, redstate, not me, is a mouthpiece for the illuminati. look! over there!  muppets!</p>