Backstabbers Graham and Chambliss -- you have won your last elections [minor update]

This is just a Friday afternoon shot across the bow for the Five Idiots — Graham (SC), Chambliss (GA), Thune (SD), Corker (TN), and Isakson (GA). Early Monday morning (just in time for our favorite readers) I will offer up a more considered and more responsible statement. Given what you have done, in one asinine move, to undermine America’s future energy policies, and how much money you have taken out of Americans’ pockets, Monday’s note will probably be nastier.

After listening to Senator Saxby Chambliss embarrass himself on Limbaugh this afternoon, I am struck by how…….stupid, how gullible, how tone-deaf you guys really are.

But here’s the bottom line. Mainstream Americans vote Republicans into Washington, and we don’t vote you there so you can become the Democrats’ prison bitches girlfriends.

Just a little more….We are coming for you. You are unfit to serve. You will be primaried, and you will lose. Even if the best primary opponents we can recruit are dogcatchers, they will be CONSERVATIVE dogcatchers who know themselves, love freedom, and don’t grab their ankles every time Harry Reid comes around offering a lollipop.

[UPDATE – a couple of things here – First, it looks like Wednesday morning before I can do the promised follow-up. I’m trying to get a webstore up, and it’s a pain. I am making and selling political tee-shirts, please buy them! (subliminal ad here….) Meanwhile Erick is sticking it to the Five Idiots, keeping the pressure on.

Second, it has been called to my attention that both Graham and Chambliss are up THIS year, having handily won primaries, and are both shoo-ins for November. This makes of my diary title a promise I am unable to keep. Ah well, my aim remains the same. I plan to remove these 5 skunks from the garden, and if it takes 6 years to do it, then so be it. But between now and 2014, I plan on rendering these guys inconsequential. I will have blood.

Tata, more later! Hugs, Kisses, and Fist-bumps]