Lex Talonis - vile murderer-rapist Jose Medellin will not receive justice today

Today, an living organism of the species homo sapiens (this is the most that I will give this thing called Jose Medellin) will be dealt with in the final sense, legally speaking, at the hands of the State of Texas. His final reward, in the eternal sense, begins moments after Texas is through with him, and I confess that I relish that thought.

But today I speak of justice on this earth. Follow the jump…

I understand the position that the state of Texas is in, and because of an array of legal entanglements, and because many, many Texans are more gracious than I, this organism will be strapped to a gurney, given a chance to say final words to loved ones, and ultimately fed a lethal injection through a needle, causing a dignified and pain-free death.

His victims, Elizabeth Pena and Jennifer Ertman, ages 16 and 14, should be one tenth so fortunate. I will not recount here the details of the unspeakably hideous crime that this thing and 5 companions did. But if you have some sympathy for these perpetrators, or if you think that Texas is a bit too gung-ho about the death penalty, then I urge you to read the details here, and we’ll see how you feel afterward. If you are queasy about gory details, do not follow the link.

Suffice it to say that if I was the arbiter of justice, and had no law to follow other than my own conscience, then I would have this thing executed in much the same way that the young lasses Pena and Ertman were killed. I would get me six big convicts, and give them a couple of hours to repeatedly rape and sodomize this thing, then have them strangle it with a belt, then stomp on its neck and head ‘just to make sure the b#### is dead’. I’d take film of it, and make sure that copies were sent to the World Court and to the government of Mexico – both of whom have been raising a stink for over a decade.

Because you see, this organism was a citizen of Mexico.

Fortunately, the State of Texas, and the otherwise completely forgettable Governor Rick Perry, have stood strong against opposition from Mexico, from the World Court (who?) and from President Bush, in carrying out this execution.

Atta boy, Texas. But you are still being too kind, in my humble opinion.