Enough with the 'I miss the old RedState' thing, ladies

Listen, I’m frustrated as well. The transition to RedState 3.0 has been bumpy. Glitches abound, and my particular axe to grind is the Recommended Diaries List (although one can hardly fault NightTwister if he does not share this concern with me – sinve he’s had the top diary for many days now).

But my goodness, people! This is RedState, and we are conservatives (mostly). Why do you think they call it RUGGED individualism anyway? Sure, there are bumps, BUT THAT’S ALL THEY ARE IS BUMPS! (and yes, I’m yelling – hey, shoot me). If you want to display panty-waist whiny self-involved individualism, then frankly I question how deep your conservative convictions run.

Follow me for your thrashing…

The content put up since the launch has been nothing short of OUTSTANDING by the directors, contributors, and other front-pagers (and might I single out the inestimable Mark Kilmer for exceptional content). We have had major luminaries guest-posting with important messages. Yes, we users are a bit less able to do our thing lately, while the team works out the kinks. But you should have already noticed a whole WEALTH of good tools which are or will be coming on line. The future is bountiful, guys.

Posting is difficult, and flaky. But what, did you think the Founding Fathers went home when they got a hangnail? Did the pioneers crossing the prairies stop for mid-day Gameboy breaks, hitting up their Red Bulls and Twinkies? How about the Americans on D-Day? Dang, those guys are shooting at us. I’m outa here!


So all the RedStaters who have either wandered off, or reduced themselves to lurker status, or are on the verge of doing so, I say this:

Can we all just at least ACT like we got a pair?

Get back here. Contribute. Comment. Recommend. A little adversity just serves to build character.