McCain - focus on the obvious domestic contrasts

Johnny Boy, there are positive things going on with you lately. You’ve been listening to Fred Thompson (and apparently to Rush as well), and the world has been listening to Macho Bambi. Ah, indeed, things are looking up. But let’s talk win-the-game strategy. I want to help you win. And unlike how YOU want to help you win, I want to help you win by not actively sucking up to lazy self-involved “moderates” who care deeply about nothing, but instead by appealing to the majority of Americans who LOVE America, who love life and who love freedom.

First, let’s embrace a truth that you’ve been very slow to accept. The Treason Media and the effete limp-wrist America-hating “elites” do not love you — you were just the boyfriend of convenience at the time. So you should keep this in mind: The Treason Media will make it a domestic policy election. Everybody knows that Macho Bambi is a foreign policy idiot, and an instinctive appeaser. Everybody knows you are a military man of great distinction and demonstrated courage. Everybody knows you pushed for the surge when it was unpopular to do so, everybody knows Bambi opposed it, and everybody knows that it is a smashing success. So the Treason Media will obviously ignore Iraq, terrorism, and Iran.

So, since it will be a domestic policy election, then I point you to the advice of Victor David Hanson — National Review Columnist Emeritus, Hoover Institute Fellow, noted historian, and acknowledged genius.

Jump with me…..


In my lifetime I’ve learned a few things, one of them being this: When very smart people advise you on matters within their field of expertise, regarding topics they have studied at length, you should do what they say.

And here’s what VDH is saying on that topic to you via The Corner on NRO(direct VDH text in italic):

…he should not get involved with pro-Obama pundits refining and upgrading Obama’s latest incarnations on Iraq. But instead, highlight the DOMESTIC contrasts, to wit:

  • McCain: wants to transition us to green energy through drilling, nuclear, clean coal, and all our resources;
  • Bambi: Obama has bought into Gorism and thinks we can hope and change our way magically to “wind, solar, and millions of new jobs in green energies”
  • McCain: will close the border first and discuss the thorny issues later
  • Bambi: won’t
  • McCain: will cut federal spending and pay off debt
  • Bambi: wants a trillion dollars in new entitlements
  • McCain: won’t raise taxes
  • Bambi: could make the top brackets pay, European-style, 65 percent in state and federal taxes, and stifle economic growth with new levies on capital gains, inheritances, payroll, and income
  • McCain: will appoint judges who follow and interpret, not create, laws
  • Bambi: will do the opposite
  • McCain: knows the military and what it can do to protect American interests
  • Bambi: wants to create a shadow civilian force “that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” as the $500 billion a year Pentagon

*So anyway, Johhny, that’s what I’m saying. No point in gilding the lily here. Do what the genius says to do.*