Why is the Unemployment Rate so High?

In 2007, Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid acted quickly to write and pass the first “Economic Stimulus” package in order to save the economy. In fact, they performed a bonafide miracle. Whereas normally it takes months or years to write new legislation – they just pulled a complete package ready to “save our economy” out of thin air. Furthermore, they managed to write the entire bill – without knowing what was in it. Boy are they good.

The truth is that they could perform this miracle because the package was already prepared (by others, obviously).  It was a gigantic “thank you” package that liberals had been waiting for. It was full of all kinds of Liberal “Redistribution” programs. All Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid had to do was to change the name of the bill and sign on the dotted line (with 10 different pens). The truth is that it had nothing to do with helping our economy. It was an advanced payment on what would later be a series of payoffs to the Liberal Base.

Because the economy had hit a dip and tensions were high – they used this “opportunity” to force President Bush to sign it. That was the beginning of the end for our economy. 

Each of us is inherently locked into our own universe … (Continue…).

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