The End is Near

The End is Near

The buzz is everywhere. Not the same “Repent, for the End is Near” religious fervor that one see’s from the images of Hollywood.  It is not that the “World” is coming to an end. The “World” will go on.  It is not that “Armageddon” is upon us – in a biblical sense.  Rather, the buzz is that our “Way of Life” is coming to an end. And relatively soon.

For sure, every generation has been faced with a crisis and in each instance there were those who believed that they were facing “the end”.  While some may use this axiom to dismiss the cries of doom as pure rhetorical nonsense, to do so is to ignore the realities that previous generations actually faced. Indeed, many times throughout our history the “End is Near” cries were met with actual Death. Dismissing such cries reeks of ignorance.

It is unfortunate we forget  that in 1929 when the stock market crashed, many people subsequently died. Many Investors and Stock Brokers, faced with the reality of their folly and unwilling to face the people whose life savings and lives they had destroyed, committed suicide. The Great Depression that followed destroyed many more lives. The “World” changed in 1929. For millions of people, the “End” was reality.

This is just the latest example of how our “Way of Life” has been destroyed and rebuilt. This pattern can be followed back throughout all of American history …

The Vietnam War



the Spanish / American war

the American Civil War

the American Revolutionary War

(Let’s not forget: Korean War, Desert Storm, Op. Iraqi Freedom, or the “Cold War”.
Wars which affected the lives of individuals, but failed to “remake” the nation as a whole.)

In each case, at that particular time in history, there were those who cried, “The End is Near” and they were right. In each case, millions of people did not live through the event to be able to say “I told you so”. They died in war. They died defending their freedom. Others died of exposure to elements, disease or starvation. Many died from violence as a side effect of poverty.

Oftentimes those who survived, did so out of shear willpower. Women would resort to prostitution, just to earn enough money to buy bread. Men would hunt for food – and kill anyone who tried to take it from them.

I digress. The point is that today, when we say “The End is Near” we are not referring to a “tribulation”, or the return of Jesus or even some hooky Mayan prophesy. What we are referring to is an end to our current way of life.


The End is Near. Our future does NOT look good.

Without referencing anecdotal evidence, there are real – quantifiable signs that we are on a collision course to the destruction of our way of life. The single most obvious:

The National Debt – Our debt has become so large that the human brain cannot even comprehend how massive it actually is. The National Debt has reached $12.5 Trillion. Yet, the entire income of the federal government, from ALL sources; is only $2.1 Trillion. The total value of our nations assets (Every single thing we own) is only $75.6 Trillion but we have over $107.6 Trillion in unfunded liabilities.

In short, our entire economic system is on a hair trigger to come crashing down.

All it will take is for just one of our “friends” (ie: China, Japan, Russia or any of the oil producing nations who hold our debt, including: Ecuador, Venezuela, Indonesia, Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Gabon, Libya, and Nigeria) to stand up and shout, “Margin Call !!” and the U.S. Dollar will be as worthless as Zimbabwe.

The “End” will come because of the apathy and ignorance of the American People to our National Debt.  It will come because 60% of Americans are too stupid or too selfish to take any action to correct the problem. The flock of sheep that is the American Public has grown so large, that the flock can no longer be sustained.

You’ve heard the idiocy …

“Cut the deficit! – But how dare you cut MY social security!”

“Cut spending! – But not the money for MY school!”

“Stop the waste! – After I get MY unemployment check!”

“Lower Healthcare Costs! – But don’t reduce MY Medicare!”

People have forgotten that it is NOT the job of our Government to provide Education, Retirement, Healthcare or Welfare of ANY kind. Those are “Liberal” concepts that the American people were fed by Franklin D. Roosevelt and subsequently Liberal Teachers who invaded our schools. We, with the innate selfishness that is part of the human condition – Gobbled it up. It sounded so nice and humane. But it is this Liberalization concept which is the root of our failing society.

Liberalism inevitably  leads to destruction. It always has – it always will. Because at the core of Liberalism is “Redistribution” in every form and context. Such a system, when applied to Government, leads precisely to where we are today.

The End is Near. Our economy is going to collapse. Maybe not tomorrow or next week, but it will probably happen before Obama is out of office. He (and his ilk) are the single greatest threat to our economy and society.

It could be stopped – but it won’t be. We have been given the foresight and opportunity to correct the situation – but we won’t. We stare directly into the abyss, knowing that it is coming and knowing full well what needs to be done – and we do nothing. We add fuel to the fire as we allow our politicians to create laws that deepen our dependency on government. After all the bickering between Republicans, Democrats, Liberals & Tea Baggers, at the end of the day – nothing will be done to stop the coming disaster.

But it’s not the fault of our Politicians. It’s our fault. It’s our fault for not saying NO! when Liberals invaded our schools, courts and governments. It is our fault because we elected people to “give us stuff” instead of electing them to “safeguard the rights we already have”. It is our fault because we forgot what a government is supposed to do – and what it is NOT supposed to do.

The End is Near – and we deserve what we get.


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