How to: Become an Emperor

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How would you like to become an Emperor? When you break it down, it really is not all that difficult. All you really need is the will to do it, a lot of money (or supporters with money), and a great deal of audacity. Follow these 5 steps and you too can become Emperor of a nation, ANY nation.

  1. Control Information: Media & Flow of information must be controlled. Follow the three “D’s”, Domination, Destruction or Deception. (Note: These same three “D’s” can be applied for all steps). Dominate the media by controlling them financially or through coercion; Destroy any media sources who might disseminate negative information. Pass laws against them. Cut off their financial means. If all else fails, arrest the executives on pretend offences. Deceive the media (public) through propaganda.
  2. Control monetary system: The best way is to destroy the entire system. By destruction, one can more easily control the populace by rationing their ability to trade goods. The goal is to get the people completely dependent on the assistance of the government. You simply cannot allow people to have control over their financial affairs. The people must be kept in a state of “near despotism”. Not quite destitute –but not able to afford any luxuries. In today’s society, healthcare is actually part of the monetary system. One’s ability to access “good health & services” is directly related to one’s financial situation. The more money one makes, the better care one can get. If you control healthcare services, you control the people.
  3. Control Movement of Population: This includes disallowing the ability of people to assemble as well as their ability to move from place to place. People who move about also share information. This must not be allowed. The first step is to pass Laws quickly to prohibit certain activities – then arrest people [legally] for disobeying the law. You should instigate a crisis – then declare martial law to control it. Check points along routes of travel will provide a means to arrest people who would be likely to rise against you.
  4. Control all Dissent: First, you must destroy any who would have the ability to challenge you at a later date. Best to do this by killing them, but locking them up would be almost as effective. Again, laws (or policies) that you enact will aid in arresting those who may be of a threat. You begin by arresting those who fought against you in your rise to power. This is because they are in the best position to fight against you in the future. Concurrently, you must eliminate any other contenders who might later become leaders in a resistance. Any of the three “D’s” will work.
  5. Control all Elections: You would definitely want to use a multi-pronged attack for this one. You must assure that you get your supporters (those weak minds you have manipulated) to the poll and prevent the opponent’s supporters from voting. Import voters if you have too. Get them to vote as many times as possible. It’s not necessary to be 100% effective. Once the polls are closed, you must make sure that your votes are counted (as many times as possible) and that your opponent’s votes are “disqualified”.
    This step is not only crucial for your ascension to power, but you must also work with others  (who support you) so that they will be in positions of power alongside you. After you get into power, you will be able to ‘appoint’ people who will assure your continued reign.

Obviously, in order to become Emperor you will need some skills. Mostly, they are skills of manipulation and deception. “Deceive those you can – Manipulate those you can’t.” The most important skill of all is the ability to speak in an inspiring and authoritative way.  It doesn’t really matter if you are intelligent or not, so long as you don’t put your foot in your mouth too often. It doesn’t matter if you are factual. If you say the same thing over and over with authority, people will believe it is fact.

You must be a master of telling people what they want to hear. Not what they “think” they want to hear, but what they actually want to hear. They will then see themselves in you. They will view you as someone “who gets me” or “understands my views”.  When you see them weep, you will know they have become your flock, and will follow you to the end of the world.

These 5 steps, along with some simple (drama club) skills are all it takes to become an Emperor. It doesn’t matter what government system is already in place. It could just as easily be a representative republic as a dictatorship. In fact, it would actually be harder to accomplish in a dictatorial regime because the current dictator would be watching for someone like you. However, in a democracy (or representative republic) you can use the system to your advantage. You could even get money to finance your revolution from the very people you will enslave.  

Follow these 5 easy steps – and you can become Emperor of your own nation.