Traceable to our Founders character, we as a people have proven to be diligent in our industry and generous in our charity, providing both in quantities greater than has ever been achieved under any other system.  History is written in the actions of mankind as a whole and is filled with those things people do, good and bad.  Ideals are what we reach for as we grasp as high as we can.  Sometimes with that reach we may knock something over, but many times we achieve greatness.  For us, held above all ideals is the individual’s right to freedom and that one right is paramount to the optimization of the human condition.

It is our constitution, created by some very wise gentlemen, that has provided the impetus for our advancement through history on the way to becoming the great country we are.  These men, in common with all of us, carried the burden of human fallibility.  It is their comprehension of our human imperfection that becomes the root of their brilliant insight to societal organization.  If humans are imperfect so will be the government they create.  

Rule by an all powerful individual or a group of individuals responsible to no one and left unfettered by oversight and review is an inherent conflict to the welfare of the masses.  Specifically assured in our system is the equality of all persons and the requirement that this tenet remain preeminent to all others.  It is government that is not equal to its citizens.  The individual is greater than the whole and as such we demand accountability from our servant, not dictatorship.

To this end, our wise Fathers created this document so that this new land would be established to represent an example to the balance of the world that here, if no where else, a common person can be his own ruler and produce real opportunity for real generational advancement and individual achievement.  With the application of diligence and hard work there exist a chance for a growing life within a growing country.  A country where the governed are the governing and freedom provides the genesis for actualizing our potentials and talents.  We are, indeed, the beneficiaries of a social and economic miracle that has allowed for the highest overall standard of living ever achieved.   

With inalienable rights comes inalienable risk.  Risk and freedom are sweetly related. The less risk a society will accept,the less freedom that society will possess.  If we become a people afraid of risk then cradle to the grave government is what we can expect. 

The sharp edge of risk is what propels us to heights of creation, invention, and standards not attained by any other system.  The conquest of risk has enabled a standard of living unequaled in history.