A lightening strike of perfect confluences led to the birth of the greatest nation the world has ever known.  A moment where like minded men and women prepared themselves to sacrifice all they had in a noble revolution against tyranny.

They and many of their predecessors were in this new land in an attempt to disengage themselves from a system low in opportunity and high in dictatorship.  They left a rigidly structured society where an amazing small number of ruling class, egocentric, mega wealthy autocrats controlled all social and legislative activities to the point that generational progress and opportunity for those in the under class was virtually impossible.  The sole motivation for those so powerful was the absolute maintenaince of that power by and through any means necessary.

Through the evolution of political process, the continued attachment to the crown of England became an abhorrent impossibility.  This new land and it’s seeming limitless potential for opportunity was in direct conflict with the mother countries ever increasing demand for the lion’s share of the new found wealth.  Perpetually escalating tax mandates and the resultant threat of enforcement grated on these early Americans already sensitive psyches.  Not that long before and still given purchase in the minds of these colonist was the history of the persecution foist upon the Irish in the mid seventeenth century by these English masters.  Oliver Cromwell’s terror march through Ireland resulted in untold numbers of lynchings of the innocent and many other types of slaughter without any form of recourse or justice to those so inflicted. This incursion by the British resulted in the death or exile of an estimated 15 to 25% of the Irish population of the time.  Once again an all powerful government, answerable to no one, gave itself the authority to murder without consequence.