Career politicians need not apply in Washington State




Looks like there’s a few more people here in Washington State who want to jump on the voter discontent bandwagon and join the Senate race to replace Patty Murray.  We’ve now got an attorney, an inventor, and an establishment republican state Senator who have thrown their hat into the ring and joined the other five candidates who were already in.  Somewhere in the mix there’s also a truck driver and an electrician.

Two years ago, Barack Obama launched a campaign based on two vague words, HOPE and CHANGE, but he never defined what that meant.  A year later, most of us have it figured out; “I hope I can keep some change in my pocket once these people are done spending my money.”  The theme in Washington State now seems to be “ditch the witch”, but like Obama, most of them seem to be counting on voter disdain of the incumbent to propel them to victory.  When I was in Olympia last Monday, state Sen. Don Benton told a group of us who were there, “I can beat Patty Murray.” If that’s the case, why haven’t you done it already, Don?  Why wait till now?  Convenience?

I’m sure Sen. Benton is a very decent men, but the idea of replacing one career politician with another leaves about the same taste in my mouth as moldy bread.  I think voters are tired of having to chose between the lesser of two evils.  We’re tired of establishment politicians.  I think we’d much rather vote for a Senate candidate, rather than be forced to vote against Patty Murray.  Do I think we can do better than an establishment republican and career politician?  Well, to drag out another phrase from the Obama campaign trail, “YES, WE CAN” !!

When Chris Widener was in Yakima two weeks ago and spoke about the American Dream, I wanted to jump out of my chair and do a black flip.  As Chris put it, “There is no Russian dream, there is no China dream… It’s the American dream.”  After a year of listening to the President of the United States apologize to the world for my country, it was a blast of fresh air to hear someone talk about the exceptional nature of America.

Speaking of dreams, Craig Williams has one to.  With some very original “out of the box” thinking, Mr. Williams is proposing a new twist on term limits that would mandate that our leaders practice fiscal responsibility, or go home.  This new proposition would pit a politicians desire to stay in power against their desire to spend money we don’t have. Money that our children and grand children will have to sacrifice their futures in order pay back.

Sean Salazar has a fresh approach as well.  He correctly believes that conservatives have not spent enough time and effort reaching out to Americans who typically have voted for liberal democrat candidates.  In not reaching out, we have allowed the opposition to define who we are.  Sean is proving that a strong conservative message can attract voters in the inner city, and in doing so is also showing those voters that all the negative things they have heard about conservatism is incorrect.

There are five fresh conservative voices in this election and any one of them would make a better Senator than the one we now have.  With no disrespect intended toward Art Coday or Clint Didier, I think our best chances of winning in November are with Williams, Widener or Salazar and would hope that by the end of March we are down to just these three.  To have 11 candidates in this race for an extended period of time increases the chance that Patty Murray will win another term.

To the Republican establishment, I can only say this: “Thanks, but no thanks”.  Conservatives in Washington State are not looking for another Bob Dole, or a John McCain type career politician.  Men who won the primary but went on to lose the general election because the could not energize conservative voters.  I just don’t see any energy in Washington State for a career politician like Don Benton.  If you want to see some voter excitement, go to a campaign rally for Sean Salazar, Craig Williams, or Chris Widener.

Those people are wound up, and one of those camps will be having a big celebration in November while Patty Murray is packing up her office.