Poor leadership and on the job training cost the American People.

President Obama is what every well run business fears; a lack of managerial skill and experience creating negative margins and leakage of intrinsic value costing the bottom line. In this case the government’s bottom line (or lack of one) creates the requirement for the taxpayer to pony up additional taxes to cover for a lack of leadership. With huge deficits it might be better said that your children and grandchildren will have to work harder and hand over greater portions of their individual value creation to cover up the mistakes of our President.

So you might be asking, how is the fact that President Obama’s lack of experience and leadership costing the American citizen money?  If you look at almost every program the President has been involved in and you peel back the onion you see a great deal of fraud and waste. Let’s pick a few examples.

Economic Stimulus package

Remember the last minute rush to have the stimulus put through so unemployment would not go over 8%. $787 Billion needed immediately. To date 20% has been spent and their own website stated that they have saved or created 640,329 jobs. The math tells us that is $250,000 per job. In addition their own numbers are suspect. The bill is full of payoffs and earmarks. In the private sector at best you would be fired, it is more probable that you would be prosecuted.


Cash for Clunkers

Great example why government needs to stay out of private business, I wonder if they would have picked a different industry if they did not takeover General Motors? This is crackpot economics. Let’s take money from taxpayer’s and transfer it to the pocket of someone else. Better yet then let’s destroy a perfectly good automobile; hey here is an idea, since the construction industry is down why don’t we torch a bunch of houses? It is reported that taxpayers paid $24,000 per car. In the private sector soaring rhetoric cannot save you from mismanagement.


Troop funding

The Senate will be voting on Saturday to pass the 2010 defense appropriations bill. It represents $636.3 billion and the legislation contains 1,720 earmarks totaling $4.2 billion. These earmarks were not at the request of the Department of Defense. President Obama during the campaign and after election pledged that he would not sign any bill that contained earmarks. I will already tell you that he will sign this bill into law. The reason is he is a man of little moral character and his words and pledges to the American people are produced for his expedient. You see it has never been about the American people, it is all about President Obama and what you can do for him and that colossal ego he carries around. I do not care who you are Democratic, Independent, Republican or Teabagee your back was put on this earth to wear Obama bus tire tracks when needed.



The bill has turned into a legislative and political nightmare. The left does not want it; the right does not want it. Who does want it? Follow the money. The public polling shows overwhelmingly that the public majority is against the bill. President Obama has put a great deal of political Capital in creating this crappy piece of legislation, instead of doing the right thing and starting over, he is paying taxpayer dollars to get people/organizations to agree to his poor vision. They are paying $10 billion to the unions for reinsurance; $300 million to Senator Mary Landrieu’s vote; secret meeting with the pharmaceutical companies for their payoff. They are offering Ben Nelson anything he wants to get his vote. The list of people being greased to get this through will be better known once they provide a bill. The bottom line is that reckless legislation and a health care bill with little vision and leadership will cost the American taxpayers trillions of dollars and provide little to show for it. So I ask the American people to lie on their stomach because the Obama bus is right around the corner.


Climate summit

So everyone is scrambling over at Copenhagen; talks are breaking down. This does not look good, last thing that we need is for President Obama to fly to Copenhagen and get denied an agreement. The developing nations do not like the vision that our leader has helped put together. A person with principal would work out an agreement over time that all parties could live with. A person looking to stroke their ego will offer 100 billion dollar bribe at the last minute to the developing nations to save face. Yes that is a $100 Billion of your tax payer dollars to developing nations like China to get them to agree. I was thinking isn’t ironic that we will have to borrow this money from China to pay China. Every child you produce will need three jobs to help pay for this.


There are literally thousands of examples of mismanagement by this President and his Administration. Enough is enough. This Christmas, when your extended family is sitting around the table you need to do one of the following things; 1) if you voted for President Obama you need to apologize for the additional burden that his ineffectiveness is going to put on everyone. Come clean with your lack of judgment for your vote, it will show to your immediate family that you have the ability to be self analytical and improve on your own misgivings. 2) If you did not vote for President Obama you are not out of the clear; Americans citizens have a responsibility to protect the foundation that has created the greatest country in the History of this earth. The price of that greatness is not free and although many have sacrificed greatly toward the advancement of the collective good called the United States, the majority has not done enough. Promise your family over the Christmas dinner table that in 2010 you will be more proactive preserving America for your Children’s and Grand Children’s future.  Many people will privately reflect on how their actions will have little effect, HOGWASH!!  A fellow citizen named Thomas Jefferson once stated, “Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.” Like generations before us it is time to realize that the discomfort needed today will protect us from unimaginable discomfort in the future. So I ask that ask that as American citizens we not wait for it nor pretend that we cannot make a difference.  It is time for us to collectively make history, like great generations before us we will be remembered as the one that again saved the republic.


Your individual involvement in 2010, will provide a collective movement that will wipe tyranny out of Washington D.C. and restore the republic to the people for the people. Create a family plan of involvement, commit to it and prepare to mobilize. 2010 we take our country back!


D. Wattenburger