Online Presidential Townhall Thursday

The President is holding an online Townhall Meeting tomorrow (Thurs). The idea is for the public (mostly HIS public, since it’s being promoted at my.barackobama.com and whitehouse.gov) to submit questions online (text is ok, but they prefer video), and Obama will answer them (live!) online. This week’s broad topic is the Economy, but there are several subcategories to organize the questions.

I didn’t do a line-by-line comparison, but the descriptions looked identical at my.BarackObama and WhiteHouse.gov.

Set up an account and ask questions here. You can also read questions submitted by others and vote on what you think of them.

I read a few of the questions, but the “What are you going to do for me?” flavor of most of them leaves me cold. I suppose the chances are seriously slim that any hard questions will be selected, but I would love to see the quality of questions improved.