Illegal Aliens – Why Do We Really Care?

I am concerned we are being duped by the US Government in this cause. Why do we really care about immigration? While there may be a few cases of violence or strife at the crossing points from Mexico to the US, on the whole, immigrants do everything they can to fly under the radar once they arrive. Crime in border cities is significantly lower than in other cities. Why is this the case? Because, immigrants do not want to cause any problem that might get them, deported. The media flashes national headlines whenever an illegal is involved in a violent crime, rape, murder, but these are actually considerably less frequent than domestic violent crimes. Why is the media so interested? This is much the same as airline accidents. If one person is killed in anything related to aviation, the news flashes world-wide, yet 30,000 are killed each year in auto accidents almost without mention by the news media.  What is the cause of this apparent disconnect?

 The true cause is harder to swallow than just pontificating about the symptoms. Immigrants come to the US as much as anything else because of the free social services – education, health care, welfare. These are all attributes of the left – the Nanny State created by the Progressives. If we had no welfare, no state education, no hospitals who couldn’t turn you away, we would frankly not care about immigration Immigrants have always provided a cheap labor force to fill jobs citizens do not want. It is frankly not true that illegal immigrants take jobs away from citizens. Up to half a century ago, there was no border patrol and no real limitation on entering the country. Immigrants had to succeed or starve. If they succeeded, they contributed to the greatest economy on earth. If they starved, the problem took care of itself.


The government, particularly in the last half century, has involved itself in every aspect of our lives. The government has taken over our finances, our retirement, our heath, our child-rearing and our protection – protecting us even from ourselves. We have unwittingly been coerced into becoming slaves of the State. Immigrants are actually the only ones in the US still free. They do not register with the government. They often do not pay taxes. They live outside the system and depend upon themselves and their fellows for everything. They are modern day pioneers. The illegals are free and we are the slaves – yet we seek to remove these free souls and send them away or to keep them here and enslave them as we are enslaved. Why? What is the actual cost to let them be free? Perhaps we object because they have something we have forgotten?


Immigration is an issue, much like the drug trade, which we have foisted upon ourselves by amassing an over-protective, intrusive government who, in an attempt to protect us from ourselves, has actually caused more problems than it solved. If we had no Prohibition, there would have been no Al Capone. If there were no drug laws, there would be no Mexican drug cartels. If there were no Nanny state, there would be no issue about immigration.


Is illegal immigration really an issue or is the government just distressed because they are not in control? Are Conservatives playing into the hands of the Progressives?