Intro: The Core Values and Principles of the American Constitutional Republic

Once upon a time, Americans would not have had much difficultly identifying, articulating, and defending most of the values and principles that their country was founded upon, but now unfortunately I think too many us struggle to even list a handful of them, let alone explain in a meaningful and convincing way why they are worth valuing.

I don’t want to sound paranoid, but it’s been clear to me for some time that leftwing factions antagonistic to our founding values and principles have been working hard to pervert the meaning and original intent of these ideals in the minds of half of our countrymen. This didn’t happen overnight. Clearly it’s been a long time coming, and I suppose the rest of us must accept at least a bit of the blame for it. I think we all could have and should have done more to remember and appreciate our founding ideas and to doubly ensure that they were taught in every institution in our country.

I don’t mean to insult any patriot out there who firmly believes they don’t fall into this category, I’m sure there are many out there who don’t, and my hat is off to you. Well done. However, I don’t count myself with you, I‘ve dropped the ball, and I expect there are many more people like me given the current state of our nation.

This country sorely needs many things if there is ever to be any hope for our country, chief among them would be a revival in the faith that people had in God, but I what want to focus on here is the revival and rejuvenation our founding principles and values in the hearts and minds of our countrymen. Just like the great religious revivals of our past relied on individuals preaching and defending the gospel.  I think we all need to step up our efforts to promote, explain and defend our country’s founding ideas at every opportunity we have.

For my part, I need to become better versed at explaining why these values and principles are so important. So, for the benefit of anyone who may struggle as I do, and for my own benefit as an intellectual exercise, I am going to write a series of diaries identifying and explaining some of the core values and principles of our American constitutional republic and their importance; at least the ones that I think are the most significant.

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