Courtesy of Myra Adams

Unfortunately, not every thought can be condensed into cute little slogans to be conveniently displayed on a placard.


All lives matter, black, blue, red, yellow, and white.

The right of unborn human beings are human rights too.

When a person chooses to do something illegal, he’s not “criminal,” but he is “a criminal.” Similarly, if an alien does something illegal, like violate immigration law, he’s not “illegal,” but he is “an illegal” as in an illegal alien.

If science is real, then sex is real, binary, and like race, immutable, and unborn human beings exist and are alive from the moment of their conception, so saith the biologists.

God is real. Like love, logic, and gravity, God is seen and experienced most clearly through His effects. God is love. When one obeys God, one loves, and not necessarily the other way around. The problem is that all too often we mistake our lust for love. Moreover, doing something with someone we love does not make what we’re doing right (see adultery). Lots of us do very self-serving and destructive things in the name of love, that doesn’t make what we do love nor does it make us loving. Disobeying God is always wrong, no matter that we may “love” doing it.

Obedience to God is everything, that is true love and kindness.

We all fall short, and are in need of forgiveness.

Thankfully though, if we repent and believe in Jesus Christ, we shall be (saved) forgiven.

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