Panic Thoughts

AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh

One thing we need to get straight: We have an increase in positive tests for Covid-19 not an increase in Covid-19 cases. The distinction is very important. Up until this pandemic, having a case of something meant a person was ill, and in some cases could also be contagious, while simply testing positive for a disease was never taken as conclusive that the person was ill or contagious. In example, in terms of public health, people may test positive for HIV and be carriers of that virus, but they may never become ill, and are not considered contagious. Could you contract HIV from them? Sure it’s possible, but not through casual contact.

The same is true of many people who are now being tested for Covid-19. Often times they are being tested because their job, school, or placement requires that have the test and not because their doctor has prescribed the test because they are exhibiting symptoms of the illness. So, they may test positive for Covid-19, but they are neither ill or contagious.

Once upon a time, Liberals demanded that we not overreact when people were testing positive for a disease because that didn’t mean they were either ill or contagious. Of course then they were concerned that people with HIV would be treated poorly in a panic. I guess Liberals just don’t care if anyone else is treated poorly in a panic.
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