What Democrats Say...

Democrats say:

Anyone who believes sex is real that it is immutable and determined by DNA is anti-science.

Anyone who believes the sun and not human activity is the primary driver of climate and climate change is a climate denier.

Anyone who believes able-bodied people should be in school, job training, or employed in order to obtain public assistance is unchristian.

Anyone who believes at the moment of conception when a human egg is fertilized by human sperm a new living human being is created and so aborting that baby should be limited to only the most extreme cases is anti-woman.

Anyone who believes the United States should be able to control its own borders and stop smuggling, trafficking, and illegal immigration is anti-immigrant.

Anyone who believes in the respect for law and order and that most police officers are decent people doing an extremely difficult job is a fascist.

Anyone who believes the original intent of our constitutional provisions rather than social justice (Marxism) should guide a judge’s interpretation of the law is an extremist.

Anyone who criticizes a Democrat is a racist.

What’s next, anyone who believes 1+2=3 is anti-math?

Let’s make 2020 the year in which Democrats are forced to look into the mirror. Come November vote early and vote for anybody but the Democrat.