Firearms in Public Schools?

Like, well, every decent human being on the planet, I too am sickened by the shootings in Connecticut today. I find myself overwhelmed with grief at times when thinking or talking about the tragedy. With the murder of 20 small children, this strikes me as the most horrific shooting tragedy of my lifetime. I yearn for some way to help even one of these grieving families.

Like you, I have seen dozens if not hundreds of posts on the shootings today, and so many discussing the obvious topic of guns and gun-control. I am a strong proponent and advocate of the Second Amendment, but not blindly because I am a Republican or a conservative, but because I believe it makes the most logical sense, and we have decades of evidence in countless situations that I believe illustrates that a trained and armed citizenry is a safer citizenry.

Here’s a sad, grotesque fact:  Every one of these deranged individuals who goes into a school with the intent to murder knows that they are walking in as the sole person armed. It sickens me to think of the thousands of other public and private schools across the nation – with millions of beautiful, innocent children in them every day – completely unprotected and totally vulnerable to murderers like this one.I worked on Capitol Hill for more than 15 years and have been in virtually every federal building in downtown Washington, D.C., including the FBI building, the Federal Reserve, the Supreme Court, and the Library of Congress. Every one of these buildings, along with the White House, has trained and fully armed individuals protecting the adults inside these buildings.  You can hardly take in a container of tic-tacs in the U.S. Capitol these days, and bottles of water are strictly forbidden, along with all firearms, knives, and even letter openers, because we must make every effort to protect our elected officials.  Yet it is somehow outlandish to allow properly trained and willing teachers and administrators in schools across the nation to carry a concealed firearm to protect themselves and the children they care for every day?

To those very well meaning but blinded fools that scream not to “politicize” this tragedy by discussing the issue of gun rights and gun control, can you not see this absurd talk is the problem? We must talk about and think through our gun laws following tragedies such as this, because everyone is grieving over these poor souls and everyone wants to avoid repeat incidents. Virtually every topic is ‘political’ in some way (if it has more than one side to the issue and can be regulated… and what can’t be regulated now), and it’s a fools errand to suggest that laws allowing or restricting the sale, possession, and use of firearms are somehow unconnected to the brutal murders which are committed using firearms. Ahh, but how are they connected?  Lets look in detail at the dozens of similar shootings over the past 10-20 years, and see the common threads.  After such tragedies, it is common to hear the national clamor from the left to ever increase restrictions on firearm sales. Yet, there is scant mention of the need to review our local, state, and federal laws restricting or prohibiting otherwise lawful firearms from being on school property and other so-called ‘safe-haven’ locations. Further, any mention of revising these ‘safe-haven’ laws are summarily dismissed by those that already hate firearms without reviewing the history or effectiveness of such laws.

It will come to light in the coming days how this murderer got a hold of the three weapons he used today, whether legally or illegally, and whether he was subjected to any background checks, waiting periods, or other state or federal firearms regulations intended to protect the people.  Having said that, the fact remains that there are millions of firearms in this country, and it is easier to obtain an illegal firearm at a moments notice that purchase a legal firearm with a clean record.

My wife and I home-school and have done so for six years now. There are innumerable reasons why, but safety is one of them… as sad as that is to say. The Baker Academy of Learning, as I like to call our little school of three, has firearms on the premises and we will use them without hesitation if anybody ever tries to enter unlawfully or harm anybody on the premises. It is so sad that this same statement cannot be said for the thousands of public schools across the country, filled with innocent children, who should at the very least expect to be protected from harm so they can focus on learning. They are in a public school, so it is often hard enough already.