I am just amazed that the democrats have picked Barack Obama as their candidate. He has very, very little experience in the government and even less experience in the world. The United States needs an experienced person to sit at the helm, and Barack is just not the right person. Perhaps in another 10-20 years he may have that experience, but certainly not now.

As a way to get my opinion out and to the masses, I’ve printed up a sarcastic parody of the OBAMA’08 stickers that read OBROTHER’08. I offer them through www.obrother08.com and Yahoo! Stores.

As a good will gesture and to help the men and women who have fought for us in Iraq and Afghanistan I am donating 10% of all sticker sales to the Wounded Warrior Project.

I also have a my space page at www.myspace.com/obrother08 to share ideas and discuss the election.

I’m not a big McCain fan, but he’s the best pick we’re gonna get for the next 4 years.