And the Band Played DIXIE!

This wonderful, rousing anthem  has been banned At Virginia Military Institute,  Ole Miss and even at the Citadel…..all over the south …because it was claimed to be offensive to those who suffer from  “false memory syndrome”. It  is rarely heard anymore at public gatherings, much less in political venues. 

Ah, but what sweet music to my ears and what a great intro to another good sense, no non-sense speech from Congressman Col. Allen West.  West spoke at the Palm Beach County Tax Day Tea Party event. He is running for office again. Only this time he is running for office in a newly created 18th district in Florida against Patrick Murphy  (D).

I have some serious qualms  with some of Col. West’s congressional votes and words on other issues and fronts. But I still enjoy this gentleman’s ability to convey American patriotism and strength and on this occasion, he demonstrated a willingness to flavor his speech with all the boldness and defiance of a true son of the south.

Video is a bit slow to load and you may only want to watch the first 2.25 minutes but it is typical Col. West. Enjoy.