The Christian Science Monitor successfully competes with the NYT, HuffPo, MediaMatters and Daily Kos for Pravda Journalism Award.

John Nolte has an excellent article over at Brietbart’s Big Journalism  excoriating the network’s targeting of George Zimmerman. While the print media has been a willing partner in the malicious characterization of Mr. Zimmerman, they are also busy painting the backdrop, setting the stage, adjusting the lighting to coordinate with the scripted liberal agenda.Yesterday’s article in the Christian Science Monitor is exemplary.

Florida lawmakers opposed to Stand Your Ground have formed a task force to investigate the law following the killing of Trayvon Martin. Among its members are prosecutors, judges, and tourism officials.” By Brad Knickerbocker, Staff writer / April 5, 2012  

“Thursday in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida lawmakers convened a task force to investigate the state’s first-in-the-nation Stand Your Ground law. Task force members include prosecutors, law enforcement officials, public defenders, judges, law professors, and state tourism officials.

The effort is led by state Sen. Chris Smith, a Democrat representing Fort Lauderdale. Sen. Smith opposed the 2005 legislation, and he faults Gov. Rick Scott (R) for not acting sooner in reexamining a law that has seen a tripling of instances in which justifiable homicide is successfully used as a defense in shooting cases.”

The article goes on to say,

In addition to gun-rights advocates like the NRA, such laws are modeled and promoted by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a conservative nonprofit policy organization whose major funders include billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch.

That ALEC is behind laws like Stand Your Ground and efforts to restrict voter registration (neither of which has much to do with the organization’s stated pro-business agenda) apparently is making some members uneasy. On Monday, the Coca-Cola Co. withdrew its membership.”

Read more at http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Justice/2012/0405/Trayvon-Martin-case-Inquiry-into-Stand-Your-Ground-law-launched-in-Florida

The Florida statute under discussion is very, very well written law. There is nothing “unclear” about the language except to those who are either illiterate or who willfully seek to obfuscate the meaning and intent as it is written. The increase in the number of cases where it has been “successfully” applied to protect the noncriminal citizen from severe bodily harm or death AND to further protect that citizen from criminal and civil liability demonstrates how badly the legislation was needed.

This, of course is a bane to the criminal element in society and their enablers. Of course they want the law changed, particularly the section that limits the chance to cash in on a civil law suit once criminal charges against the defendant have been dropped (or in this case may never materialize).

The politicians like Chris Smith of Ft. Lauderdale and the anti-gun lobby will predictably join lock-step with the other grievance mongers in a chain that stretches all the way to Washington, DC. They are the inevitable detritus seeking consumers that feed on incidents such as the Zimmerman/Martin case with necrophilic zeal. This very unofficial, ad hoc “Task Force” and their pronouncements, as cited in this very slanted article, have as much authority and legal influence as the New Black Panther Party’s demand for the “Dead or Alive” capture or kidnapping of George Zimmerman.

Surely the CSM author must know Florida’s state capitol, the venue for official legislative business, is in Tallahassee, not Ft. Lauderdale. But you and your employer are on a mission. Aren’t you, Mr. Knickerbocker? I must commend you, though. You managed to strike almost every note in the liberal, progressive hymnal by mentioning the NRA, ALEC, Koch brothers and Bill Clinton all in the same article. While decrying the level playing field and fighting chance for survival afforded to non-criminal citizens who dare to defend themselves from violent felons and their enablers, you even managed to insert your anti-voter ID agenda. That was a bit awkward. But no one can accuse you of failing to grub for that “A” in Political Propaganda 101, now can they?

Wasn’t there a time when the Monitor was regarded as a legitimate journal? Maybe. Or maybe that was simply a time that pre-dates new media pulling the scales off the eyes of its readers.