Condeming Zimmerman as a means of attacking gun laws

The opportunities to exploit manufactured rage are various and many. I’ve written numerous posts on other sites attempting to clarify misunderstandings and blatant misinformation concerning Florida law as it is applied in the Zimmerman/Martin case. I’ve also cautioned regarding the untenable consequences should Mr. Zimmerman be charged for mere political expediency by a cowed investigative team.

Many of the disconcerting features of this case have already been posted on this site. So I will limit my diary entry to one of the lesser discussed, though no less pernicious threats riding the coattails of this case. Please feel free to chime in.

Laws written to protect law abiding citizens are often regarded as unfair and in need of change by criminals as well as those entities which derive material gain from criminal/ illegal activity (lawyers, politicians, unions, universities to name a few examples).

The gun grabber brigade has been in concert with the professional race hustlers attacking the language of Florida law which protects the rights of the non-criminal who acts in self defense from BOTH CRIMINAL and CIVIL prosecution. To be sure Holder etal would gladly seize this opportunity to advance their anti-gun agenda (and hopefully distract from the blood on his own hands from Fast & Furious).

The fact is that, under the Florida law, Mr. Zimmerman is rightfully able to live as a free man …..
(except for the pronouncements from the POTUS, members of the CBC, most of the GOP candidates, the media, Holder’s NBPP and marauding bands of hoodied hooligans and their race riot ring masters who have tried and convicted Zimmerman and sentenced him to capture, dead or alive)…..

because there was no probable cause or evidence contrary to his claim of self defense. This is very vexing to the parenthetically listed parties. Because the written law trumps their mob rule mentality….they want the law changed.

The fact that FS 776.032 dampens the chances for the Martin family and their lawyers to cash in on a civil suit, if or when their intimidation tactics fail to bring Mr. Zimmerman up on criminal charges, they quite understandably are demanding that part of the law be struck down, too.

Shamefully, but not surprisingly, the National Black Law Student Associations at several university law schools are rallying with these demands.  A flyer from a south Florida law school’s BLSA is offering a free bus ride and distributing complimentary hoodies (on loan) to undergraduate students for some sort of demonstration in Sanford,FL  tomorrow, 3/2/2012. Their most unified battle cry, “Justice for Trayvon” and “Change the shoot first laws that allow his murderer to go free”.

One must ask, at what point in the law school curriculum do the tenets of American Criminal Justice system get introduced to these gullible student shills? Is there no faculty advisor/ mentor available to guide them into discussions regarding “due process”, “innocent til proven guilty”, the history, rationale and language of FS 776.012 – 776 .032? Having read the web page of this particular student organization at this particular south Florida university, perhaps their time would be better spent on remedial writing courses and English communication workshops. Never the less, these are society’s future legislators, community organizers, judges and media legal experts. Given the level of (mis)understanding , driven by inflamed and misguided passion, one can see how the language of the second amendment can someday become nothing more than a quaint notion from a bygone era.