Countering petty criticisms of Perry


Charles  Johnson  posted an article over at Breitbart regarding Gov. Perry’s decision to continue his campaign. http://biggovernment.com/cjohnson/2012/01/04/rick-perrys-marathon-run-to-the-nomination-may-now-be-a-long-march/

It was generally positive. However,  like so many  misguided people, he included a comment that has, for some time now, made me chafe.  I had to respond.


The author wrote, “His Texan accent will be a liability. “

My dear Mr. Johnson, comments such as this reveal a bigotry towards the dialect of southerners in general and Texans in particular which is most unbecoming for a professional writer such as yourself.

Bless your heart, I’m sure you cannot help it.  Most  likely you’re not even aware of the shallowness in your attitude because it is a learned response, cultivated by generations of misrepresentation by smug and haughty northerners and recapitulated by pseudo-intellectuals all across this land. How unfortunate that this pernicious mindset is so prevalent in this day and age.

The truly  enlightened individuals, on the other hand, are able to listen and mentally process the content of someone’s speech and are neither beguiled by high toned rhetoric nor distracted by cadence and elocution.  Truth and wisdom,  expressed with sincerity and backed up by deeds provide a more reliable index to the intellect and character of the speaker. You and your generation are well advised to take this rebuke to heart and, raise the consciousness of others who have fallen for the same maligning attitude toward certain regional dialects in America.