Silver linings: Early edition


I am doing my best to remain optimistic about McCain pulling out an upset on Tuesday, but at least one very important race is close to being called early. Senator Mitch McConnell will most likely be headed back to Washington to throw monkey wrenches into the machinations of Obama and his Congressional stooges. His opponent in this race, jetsetter and all around D-bag Bruce Lunsford, should go down to an 8- 10 point defeat if the latest polls hold.

I know many on Red State tend to get down on Mitch, particularly after the bailout, but the man has been a very effective thorn in the Dems’ side. He isn’t perfect and one of his main selling points this election cycle to the folks back home has been the amount of pork he sends back to us. Still, the KosKidz and MoveOn.org losers wanted him gone, as a sort of revenge for the defeat of Daschle years ago. It’s not going to happen and for that I am glad.

No matter what else happens on Tuesday, this is one race that I, both as a Kentuckian and a Republican, will take comfort in.