Embracing the Suck: 2008 POTUS edition

I have reached the point in this Presidential campaign where I have come to accept the very harsh reality that, barring some terrific (and horrible) game- changing event before election day, Barack Obama will be the next POTUS.

Ugggh. I just threw up in my mouth a little, but steady on.

The financial crisis the last few weeks has torpedoed that McCain- Palin campaign for the very simple reason that McCain is almost as economically illiterate as Obama. The Iraq War, as well as the Greater War On Terror, has receded over the horizon and will remain hidden unless we suffer some sort of horrific attack by Islamic radicals before November 4th. I don’t want another horrific 9/ll style attack ever again, but unfortunately I believe that’s what it would take to deliver the presidency to McCain. The economic panic is driving this election and McCain doesn’t have the credibility in economic matters to win over an increasingly fearful and panicky electorate.

The irony of course is that Obama is just as ignorant, if not more so, on how to run an economic system. His socialistic worldview will, at best, drag this crisis out longer than necessary without completely destroying our economy. At worst, we’re looking at Jimmy Carter 2: Malaise Strikes Back.

The candidate (of either party) most qualified to address this problem, Mitt Romney, was rejected both at the top of the ticket by GOP primary voters and by McCain for the number two. Given the animosity between McCain and Romney in the closing days of the campaign, one can’t help but wonder if Mitt is secretly giggling to himself every time new polls come out.

So now what? Four years of liberal experimentation and overreach to remind “undecideds” and independants how much socialism sucks. In the end, it could be a good thing. We had to suffer through Carter to get to Reagan.

Of course, if you study history long enough, you realize that the country had to suffer through Nixon/ Ford just to get to Carter after Reagan lost the 1968 primary. Perhaps that’s what is going on now.

The presidency of George W. Bush has been an extremely mixed bag for the country and conservatives in particular. We got two good Supreme Court justices and a bunch of appeals court justices. That’s honestly about it, in my opinion.

Tax cuts? Great, except he was never able to get them made permanent. We couldn’t even kill the estate tax, for crying out loud. All the Dems have to do is bide their time and the sunset provision kicks in.

GWOT? True, we have not had another major attack since 9/11. But the administration has failed in my opinion to admit that the problem is not Generic terrorism but Very Specific Radical Islamic Fundamentalism. As long as we are unwilling to admit that Islam is the problem, we will continue to be vulnerable, particularly now that we stand ready to turn over all branches of the government to the peaceniks.

We’re finally going to win the Iraq War. The key word in that sentence is “finally.” How different would things be today if the successful surge stategy had occurred years earlier instead of stubbornly staying the (failed) course until after the debacle of the 2006 Congressional elections? Perhaps the 2006 elections would not have been a debacle for the GOP side? Perhaps we would not be so worried about having a left winger in the White House if we’d been able to hold onto Congress.

Then throw in all the things Bush accomplished that all good conservatives find horrific. No Child Left Behind? The expansion of Medicare drug benefits to the point that I’m on the hook for Hugh Hefner’s Viagra? The farm bill?

Meanwhile McCain spent his time being “mavericky.” When Bush wasn’t kicking sand in our faces, McCain was. Gang of 14? Waterboarding? Then, every once in awhile, they’d both kick sand in our faces. Comprehensive Amnesty- I mean, Immigration Reform, anybody?

Enough. I’ve decided to throw in with the hardcore conservative crowd that thinks the GOP is going to have to suffer a lot of pain to get back in touch with it’s conservative roots. That means, ultimately, getting away from GWB and McCain. Neither of them are conservatives in the mold of Reagan, Goldwater, or Gingrich. They’re both moderates, about a quarter- bubble to the right off of center on the grand level of American politics.

The good news is that we have a strong bench of young candidates ready to join the game next time around. Palin’s star will be glowing white- hot in 2012, as will Bobby Jindal’s and Eric Cantor’s. There’s lots of good (conservative) things being said about Matt Blunt and Mitt Romney will be back.

There are five potential heirs to Ronald Reagan right there. Obama won’t be able to heal the world’s ills in four years. Hillary will be back to play Kennedy to Obama’s Carter. 2012 will be a very good year.