"Dirty word" Brookhiser

As stated in my first diary entry, I have been lurking around Redstate for quite sometime. I’ve come to enjoy the points of view of many of the long time contributers and have often wanted to make points of my own, but last night finally pushed me into taking the time to set up a profile.

So what was it that pushed me over the edge? A post I read over in NRO’s The Corner. I’m sure many of you have seen it or have at least heard about it. It was Brookhiser’s infamous “numinous negro” riff that I have copied and pasted below:

We have shown the same color-by-numbers mindset that liberals did when they rallied to Obama. Liberals love Obama because he is a Numinous Negro. Conservatives love Palin because she has a Downs baby and an M-16. For both sides, that is all on earth ye know and all ye need to know. You might call it mystical and childish.

And my first immediate, gut response was “VERY dirty word that rhymes with ‘truck’ Rick Brookhiser.” Had Mr. Brookhiser been able to receive an E-mail from the Corner, I would have sent him one that read simply “Word I refrenced above you!”

And I realized that one of the things that has irritated me to no end this election cycle has been the elite condescenion coming from OUR side of the aisle.It comes with the incessant whining and accusations of religious bigotry when super rich stiff Mitt Romney was rejected by primary voters. I swear half of the voicing of Palin’s shortcomings on the right are “sour grapes” from the Romney boosters.

Hey, National Review, those of us in fly- over country want to give you mad props for the heavy lifting you’ve done over the last 50+ years on behalf of conservatism, but Romney is an absolute stuffed shirt. He’s not engaging. He’s not funny. He’s not personable. He would have been poison to the Mccain ticket. Biden is an overblown gaffe machine and gasbag, but he would have metaphorically raped Romney in front of a national audience during the veep debate. It would have been ugly to see and Romney would have been dismissed as just another rich, white, empty Republican suit.

Notice I didn’t say anything about Mormonism. Quite frankly, that was the least of Romney’s problems when it came to connecting to the regular folks who swing the elections in this country.

But, like it or not, a lot of that seems to becoming from the Old Guard Right establishment when it comes to Sarah Palin. Well, for my money, she’s exactly what the GOP needs if it’s ever to get out of the hole it’s in. That’s why I finally joined Redstate.

Now, off to make some comments!